Between Us Girls


Episode 47 - There Goes My Herpes

This week, the ladies keep it simple, by going sans guest and swimming deep in some good old fashioned girl talk! The panel’s discussion surrounds Usher Raymond (Ursher to senior members of the black delegation), his real/faux herpes and why everyone was all up in arms about the possibility of him doing the horizontal polka with the thick snack that is Quantasia Sharpton.

Be like ‘Tasia and hop on this biscuit and gravy train to listen…

·        Ho-tel, mo-tel…Day’s Inn. You say if your girl start’s actin’ up, then you…give her herpes…allegedly

·        Out of all the condiments, in all the world, she had to be shaped like a bottle of Dijon mustard

·        Why does society super-size their chastisement of plus sized women?

·        Rihanna and her non-existent plus size problems

·        Exactly what does a bag of sebmmms look like?

·        Is that wet, wet, or sweat, sweat??

·        Bring back the Rubenesque woman and give her a Reuben sammich…

Make sure you take a shot every time somebody says “herpes” in this episode…

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