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Episode 101 -- A Fire New Balance

This week we’re bringing the 504 to H-town with New Orleans transplant, singer / songwriter / rapper, new balance wearing (cuz comfort is important) Smitty Spread Love. He performs for his uber drivers in the day and in underground spots at night! He’s a rapper with a heart of gold that simply just wants to give a piece of his heart to those he meet. We discuss finding your gifts and why men find it difficult to be vulnerable.

While Michel does her pretty girl rock, press play……..

·        Sometimes a disaster can create a pathway to your calling….thanks Fema for the laptop

·        Boys still out here using fruity loops beats

·        You’re in a season where you’re about to cocoon – blossom hoe

·        Upbringing, ignorance and societal standards keep men from being vulnerable

·        Men show their vulnerability when they’ve messed and need forgiveness

·        Forgive me so I can sleep better at night but also, get over that shit

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