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Dream Chasers: Mad Juice & The Cosmic Revolution

This episode of Dream Chasers is very special, it's the first one where I speak to another entrepreneur with a Spiritual business and I was excited to talk to my friend Madi Murphy one of the CEOs of The Cosmic Revolution. The Cosmic Revolution is an amazing spiritual community devoted to helping you better understand yourself by using Astrology and Self Care as well as developing Cosmic Bosses. This episode was recorded at the very beginning of our Covid-19 shutdown following Spring Break and my daughter Michayla makes an appearance in the video portion of this episode seen on YouTube, we spent a lot of time talking about what it was that made her choose this path and to chase this dream as opposed to doing something more mainstream. I hope everybody enjoys this episode and is able to see growth in both Madi and myself. We're all shifting and we need to be able to appreciate the tough times so that we can really feel gratitude when we're in abundance. Enjoy the show and make sure to follow us at the below links so you don't miss a thing!!! <3

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