Between Us Girls


Course Correction: InHERvisions with Jenn Ekeoba

Season 2, Ep. 15

In this episode of Course Correction I talk to Jenn Ekeoba, she is an extraordinary writer and creative thinker, and in this episode we both discover how much magic lives inside of each of us. At the start we discuss how her supportive father helped her begin her creative journey by writing the stories she shared with him. As our interesting conversation continued we ended up sharing about spirituality and our ideas about what your purpose here truly is. At 1:11 the conversation took a turn and before we closed we had a mini numerology session, I'm just starting but I love to share knowledge about the use of numbers as confirmation and the sacred geometry that runs through the roots of The Universe.

This is my interpretation of the vibration of the number 111: In the episode I read to Jenn a couple of notes that I found online but as is with any act of this nature the answers are based on your intuition and the feeling that comes from the understanding of what the vibration of the number means. So my personal interpretation is that You need to either get started or keep going, if you're feeling called to spiritual work the answer is yes, you should be sharing the messages that you feel are coming through to the masses. That's all I got. lol <3

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