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Episode 46 - Act Like You Have Some Class...Sh*t

This week, the ladies welcome the millennial’s answer to Ms. Manners, etiquette and image consultant – Devoreaux Walton, founder of The Poise Pursuit. She’s here to help folks get some act right about themselves and to discuss with the panel why women just can’t get along in the workplace.

Channel your inner mean girl and join the party….

• Competition brings out the claws, strap on your protective gear, or be prepared to lick your wounds….

• False reality TV and the nature of the bitch….

• Your peasant eyebrows are keeping you single…

• Sit down, be humble and mentor her…if she’ll let you…

• Put the phuck ups between a sandwich, so they can eat it

• I didn’t have these types of problems when they all had penises…

Psudeo thugs and relationship building, this episode has it all….

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