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Episode 74 -- So, You don't see color?

Ep. 74

This week we borrowed some of Roseanne’s ambien and went live again in our Facebook group. As a result, Sharonda was Halloween ready in her Ice Cube gear, Michel donned her finest Aunt Karen wig with raisins in tow and Danielle surprised everyone by wearing a bra. We discuss Roseanne, white / rich privilege and top 5 ways to know you’re a racist!

Slip into something cozy and listen….

·        Roseanne lost her life and blamed everyone despite having written the tweet

·        White privilege doesn’t mean you don’t have hardships. It means your whiteness does not create a hardship

·        Imagine being a parent and having to talk to your kids about having to operate differently in society as a person of color

·        The races are co-mingling creating biracial kids and white ppl think, kidnapper

·        If your bed sheets have confederate flags or say you don’t see color….you’re probably racist

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