Between Us Girls


Episode 22 - Kim You in Danger Girl!

Take a listen as the ladies welcome Kim Tumey, celebrity broker, Go Fund Me fundraiser and author of the forthcoming book, “Happily Married, My Ass!” From splitting a Twix, to flying on private jets, this God-fearing, call recorder extraordinaire was ready to welcome the love of her life, but soon discovered that the universe has jokes. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what went wrong and discover: • Who are the sociopaths in your life? All it takes is one Google search to find out… • Why you may need to avoid all men named Robert…Kelly, Blake, Davis… • How many heart attacks can one man have in a weekend? • What’s the name of that drug they give you when you’re about to die, or in labor?? • When will Danielle stop saying “sh*t”?? • Do all of Robert’s #alternativefacts lead to beer in the front yard? All signs are telling you to tune in… Support our show on Patreon!

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