Between Us Girls


Episode 23 - The Blueprint

This week, the ladies sip on some hooch provided by a light-skinned super fan and welcome three - time author and fellow podcaster – Shaun D. Upshaw – of the podcast “Grown Folks Talk”. Since Jigga has settled into a life of elevator melees and procreating with Bey, the panel is staging a takeover and offering up their own blueprint for navigating relationships. Tune in to hear: 1) Why the ladies are drinking the kool-aid from a milk jug… 2) Reasons why you don’t need to call Tyrone… 3) Did he stop calling you after you gave up the cookie, because it was too soon, or was he just not that into you… 4) How a Six Sigma approach to your relationships can keep you from repeating the lame game… 5) How hittin’ and quittin’ just might get him to put a ring on it… 6) Why the Power of Three takes on a new meaning when it comes to female kangaroos and their genitalia... Take a trip down the rabbit hole and listen Support our show on Patreon!

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