Between Us Girls


Episode 24 - A Lesson in Sidepiecing

Join the ladies as they tap into their inner Louisiana blues-joint selves to examine the evolution of the “other-woman”, with Toniwo - Infidelity Analyst and author of, The Sidepiece Handbook. From Masterpiece to Dimepiece, the panel breaks down the levels of the enigma that is the “Sidepiece”. Clutch your pearls and listen… • Is she a home wrecking operative, or is she just in it for the sex? • What made Sharonda channel her inner “catch me outside” girl? • Why catfish is good for more than just fish-frys… • Can you Raid her, or nah? • Gold Digging 101: What doesn’t match with a dry purse? Want to obtain your Everest certificate in Infidelity Analyzing? Click on a link… Support this show on Patreon. As little as $5 a month can make this show bigger and better!!!

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