Between Us Girls


Episode 27 - Where's the Vino???

This week, the ladies welcome DMurph and Roy - sports trivia rain men and hosts of the podcast, “Why Not Sports?” Join the panel as they discuss the timeless struggle that is effective communication between men and women and why it’s so hard to get men to open up emotionally. It’s a good thing Dani had her Buttercream on standby… · All they had to do was send a text… · Why it’s okay for a man to cry before he gets in the car… · Who’s higher on the emotional intelligence scale – men, or women? · Love at first sight – just a fire in your loins, or is it legit? · Is it okay to thank somebody for sharing their emotions with you? Listen as DMurph and Roy struggle harder than 2010 Shaquille O’Neil on the free-throw line, to explain…Where’s the Vino? Website - FB - Twitter - Support this show on Patreon. As little as $5 a month can make this show bigger and better!!!

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