Between Us Girls


Episode 28 – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This week the ladies welcome international man of mystery, tech-guru, D.J. and consummate gentleman, Mr. Charles Sherrard Jr. Join the panel as they discuss the characteristics of a gentleman and if they’re relevant in today’s attention obsessed society? Plus, is there really a difference between dating and courtship, or are they just made up spaces designed to keep you in your lane? Maybe chivalry is just on life support… • Why you should stop being an Instagram thot and become a useful member of society… • Are your skills hard, or soft? • Decorum isn’t your homeboy’s name, learn what it is and use it… • How the paradox of choice may be keeping you from your forever boo… • F.O.M.O. deez nutz – you’re not going to miss your unicorn… • Why non-exclusive dating is all fun and games for men, until the rabbit gets the gun… Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, there’s nothing gentle about this discussion. Open the door and listen for these topics and more! Support this show on Patreon. As little as $5 a month can make this show bigger and better!!!

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