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Episode 29 - Facebook Order Bride

This week, there are no guests and as usual, NO filters. The ladies get back to basics and have some good-old fashioned B.U.G. girl talk! Join the panel as they skirt the fine line of political correctness and discuss a B.U.G. Facebook group member, that’s looking for an American wife. His peculiar set of circumstances has the ladies questioning if somebody should date while they’re broke and exactly what constitutes a “good” man, or woman? This episode is easier to get into than the U.S. Border… • If you don’t date in your lane, you could experience date rage… • Hear Danielle spit game like a 1970’s Blaxploitation pimp and school you on how to get chose when you’re broke… • Relatively speaking…you’re broke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it… • Why are “good” men and woman wearing their bitter like a scout badge? • Just be happy for your lady and get your Steadman on… • If you have to convince somebody that you’re “good, you’re probably a jack ass… Help bridge the cultural gap and listen… www.betweenusgirlspodcast.com A portion of this episode has been brought to you by Kalonice Cosmetics. Love your body the way it was meant to be..naturally Use USGIRLS20 to receive 20% off your natural skin care products www.kalonicecosmetics.com

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