Between Us Girls


Episode 31 - Welcome to the Poly Life

This week, the ladies welcome poly-amorous super nerd, pseudo-pimp and host of the podcast, “The Comic Jaunt” – Jason - no last name like Beyonce, to the show. Join the panel as they explore unconventional relationships, discuss whether or not the idea of monogamy is outdated and the appeal of polygamist relationships - above and beyond dipping your pen in multiple wells. How many brother husbands does it take to screw…in a light bulb?? Listen and find out… •What do polygamists and Easter baskets have in common? •Polygamy. Is. Sparta. •“Throuple” is not an STD… •If there’s even a hint of teabagging, London Bridge is falling down… •Is it a house of love, or a trap house?? •When in Rome, do as, but avoid the showers… If Warren Jeffs had a good tan, he still wouldn’t have nothing on Jason… Support us on Patreon!

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