Between Us Girls


Episode 33 - Drake Would Be Proud

This week, the ladies welcome fork collector, adventurer and real-life Canadian Forest Gump-Skyler- who’s currently footing it across the United States faster than maple syrup on…well, anything. Join the panel as they discuss self-discovery, the human-condition and the dangers of couch surfing. When that hotline blings, it can only mean one thing…you need to listen to B.U.G… • Powerwalking across America with just a stroller and some Brooks… • I’ll trade you your oatmeal for your cheese grits… • Started asking for 3 for 10, now we here! • Is that a muskrat in your yard, or are you just happy to see me? • He never said aboot. Is he really Canadian?? • Why this week’s wine is as bland as Snoop without Dre? If you’re reading this, it’s too late… Support us on Patreon!

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