Between Us Girls


Episode 37 - I Am Not My Underarm Hair!

This week, the ladies welcome braless wonder, super mom with a potty mouth and host of The Braless Podcast - Erin Whitehead. Join the panel as they discuss feminism vs. femininity and if femininity gets in the way of being a feminist? This tongue twister alone should tell you that there’s power in the P. Burn your bra, let the girls fly and listen… • You shouldn’t have a leg up just because you have a third leg… • Is your matching panty set getting in the way of your feminist progress? • How do we bridge the gap between black and white vaginas? • M.G.T.O.W.…G.T.F.O.H. • If he can’t “man”, how can he be a man?? • Let me penetrate your emotions and fill your needs… You don’t have to wear Birkenstocks to listen… Questions, comments, or if you'd like to share a secret with us email us at Vote for us at the 2017 Podcast Awards in the People's Choice and Mature category.

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