Between Us Girls


Episode 38 - He Smells Like Old Proscuitto and Sandwich Spread

This week, the ladies welcome fabulously filthy storyteller, award winning host of the podcast Probably True and English bloke – Scott. Join the panel as they discuss how you can tell if the feeling isn’t mutual and annoying things that make you lose interest in a guy. A British accent makes everything better! Grab some tea and biscuits, plop some ear muffs on mummy and listen… • If Carrie Bradshaw was English and a boy, she’d be Scott… • Started as a gay history show but turns out his mouth was full of d**ks • There are plenty of ways to make money with your mouth… • If you haven’t sent me a text by 11:00, you’re a dead whore… • If I have to wipe my face after kissing you’re getting blocked… • If you have a baby pickle, you better know how to work it… International relations B.U.G. style… Support us on Patreon! Check out Scott's show! You won't be disappointed and may even get a shag :-) Questions, comments, or if you'd like to share a secret for our Bug Secret Confession Segment email us at Vote for us at the 2017 Podcast Awards in the People's Choice and Mature category.

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