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Episode 39 - Wtf is an Uzi Vert?

This week, the ladies welcome, black Brady Bunch daddy, concrete jungle New Yorker, hip-hop guru and co-host of the podcast -That Boom Bap - Kareem Tillman. Join the panel as they discuss the effects of toxic lyrics on today’s youth (said like Joe Pesci). In this week’s synopsis, I will use all of the outdated hip-hop slang that I never really knew the meaning of.

Couple today’s music with All Eyez on Me and Pac has all kinds of reasons to roll over in his grave…

• Instead of slow singin’ and flower bringin’, it’s Red Kool Aid braids and purse carrying

• Social Media killed the hip hop star

• Jncos…tho??

• Slabs sittin’ sideways in the driveway after Percocet??

• Pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t approve of the 10 Crack Commandments…

• A squirrel, a group of sociopaths and a mob walk into the YMCA…

This episode is chock full of bars, son…bars…

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