Between Us Girls



This week, the ladies get up close and personal with their fans at their first ever live broadcast, straight from Houston’s own -Darwin’s Pub! Join our band of merry chicks and their stans, as they discuss risk assessments while dating, the bachelor that fell out of paradise, and a juicy tidbit from the B.U.G. confession hotline! Ain’t no party like a live B.U.G. party… • Her Ph.D. ain’t got nothin’ on me, except a proposal… • I have to use a Clorox wipe after juggling your balls, but you want to give me a grade? • How many bachelor rejects does it take to screw in a pool?? • He didn’t have the complexion for the protection… • His bestie took a mickey and he felt her monkey, should he tell her? • Do perky nipples and wet panties make Jill a willing participant? Grab a pink quickie, kick back and listen… Questions, comments, or if you'd like to share a secret with us for our Bug Secret Confession Segment email us at

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