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  • 4. B2L x4 Modeling Tips and How to Take Better Photos with Vox and Zak

    As 2 models turned photographers- we both have extensive years of modeling and photography experience- and now we’re spilling how you can take better photos. You don’t have to be a model this can apply for anybody that wants to take better photos! Thanks for listening! 

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  • 3. B2L x3 AI Apocalypse with Vox and Zak

    Are creative jobs slowly becoming obsolete? It's something to think about with newer tech making it harder and harder to differentiate between what's real and what's not. What do you guys think??Should we start learning another craft? And will that one be threatened in another few years?Episode 3 let's go. Thank you for sticking with us in our growth we really appreciate you all for taking the time to listen and comment/ share if you want!!Big announcement coming soon!xoxo- Vox and Zak
  • 2. B2L x2 Are we Ugly? Toxic Beauty Standards with Vox and Zak

    Do you ever feel the weight of the standards set on our looks? US TOO. In this episode we're getting real about our insecurities and what aesthetic treatments we personally get done- all while we exploring the dark roots of these standards of today's societal norms. The journey towards self-acceptance in a world obsessed with perfection is a life long one. Through candid answers we're hoping to break down the taboo of speaking about insecurities and plastic surgery and ultimately promoting a more accepting and authentic perception of beauty and the search for what we seek to be.
  • 1. B2L x1 Vox and Zak Meet the Girls

    Welcome to 2 Between 2 Lenses podcast- OUR VERY FIRST EPISODE!!!We're Kael Vox and Alex Zak and we are your hosts. This was our first time filming and we didn't know our mics were being brushed and bumped by by our hair/necklace. -_- Bear with us! It's only pretty rough in the middle bit there due to all this hair.. buttt Now we know- Please give us grace in this awkward beginning stage! We're super excited to be here and share with you all! Here is an authentic look at who we are and how we got here as your hosts! Can't wait for more!!xo- Vox and ZakFor a extended video cut with bonus features you can find us on YouTube!xo- Vox and Zak