Better Fantasy Bureau



Party People, we're back again to give you as much information as possibly to get you prepared for your draft that should be coming up soon, and as always here we bring you some friendly banter, funny stories, and detailed information to make the best decision possible.

We start off with a new segment that we are leaving open to the rest of this fantasy football season, Commissioners Chat. Charlie and FLX are both the commissioners of their leagues they run separately and understand the choices that are given to start a league, like which platform to use and to what rules to apply to the league, as well as sometime the decisions that a commissioner must make in his league that another player might find unjust and unfair. With Commissioner Chat, we are looking to build a community of other commissioner to help out and throw ideas around on what works for their league, and what was just a really bad call that wasn't worth the headache. All year long you can be engaged with Charlie and FLX and other commissioners as well to help alleviate the headaches.

On to the main topic, Tight Ends and Defensives. We brought those two together since there just aren't that many tight ends out there, especially after the main names, to pick for your team. Here at the Bureau we give you so names that we like, and don't like and then talk about the defensives to pick because lets be honest, no many other fantasy football programs gives much insight on the defense position. We break down numbers and schedules, because every year there are those defensives that give you a healthy amount of consistent points week to week.