Better Fantasy Bureau



Welcome back party people and WELCOME our latest special guest, our good friend, Mr. Alex Marquetti AKA DOGGIE! Thanks again for all the support and helping this show grow. Keep on your comments, and your likes, and you post on social media, and hopefully YOU can win the free Le'Veon Bell Autographed jersey.

So far Charlie and FLX give you all these tips, opinions and insights on which players to draft and not and what their predictions are for this upcoming season. Fantasy Football is such a great hobby and game to play, but what also great about it is there are so many ways to play! This episode, we talk a little bit more about those ways with our special invited guest.

We start off with talking about DFS, or Daily Fantasy Sports, which is an extremely popular way to play in where you don't commit to one team season long. Every week your draft a new team, and new chances to win big prizes. Charlie plays a lot of DFS, along with season long, so we ask him some questions that most people may or may not think of when playing Daily, either your an expert or going this way as your introduction play to fantasy sports.

Then on to the big commitment, Dynasty leagues! Here your in for the long haul, you draft your first team, and you keep that team for as long as you play! It's a different way or playing and keeps you definitely more involved as a real GM of you team. It's a fast growing market that more and more people are getting involved in, and we asked our guest Marquetti on his tips and advice and ways to play Dynasty, as he has been playing for a lot longer than our host have been.