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Party People! We got another great show here for the BETTER FANTASY BUREAU podcast and we welcome our special guest JEFF EPSTEIN coming thru for our draft and repping BOOM CUPS!

We took advantage of the fact that our guest Jeff works for the Yankees, and with our very own Charlie Chase being a Mets fan, and since we are a bureau that will not just talk about Fantasy Football, we had our own SUBWAY TRIVIA SERIES! Asking Jeff questions about the Yankees, and Charlie about the Mets. Listen to this episode to see who won.

Then back with the Fantasy Football Division, we go on to close out our last show for the month of July with a live MOCK DRAFT. A 12 team, 15 Round Full PPR mock draft is made here, definitely a great episode to live to for to see the ADP of the players, as kick off is only just a little over a month away!!

Thanks for Jeff from BOOM CUPS coming thru, you can purchase you BOOM CUPS at any PARTY CITY nation wide. Check us on our YouTube channel so you can see what a BOOM CUP looks like.

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