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Best AI Podcast™

"Unlocking Tomorrow"

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this first episode installment of Best Ai Podcast™, since Tony White, our SEO Guy is away in Vegas for a auto niche conference, we're honored to have Greg Bernhardt, SEO Strategist at Shopify with us in the house.

Listen in as we touch on why we're here, what we have planned, and the directions we're going to take with Ai.

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  • 7. Best Ai Podcast (S1 E7) - "Driving Force"

    The Best Ai Gang covers the news of the day, what an RTX card is all about when it comes to Ai, and a quick demo of FaceFusion "Deep Fake"
  • 6. "Conversing with the Future" - Pt. 2

    Lee Love returns to the conversation on conversational Ai!
  • 5. "Conversing with the Future"

    Join us for the upcoming episode of "Best AI Podcast" as we embark on a captivating journey through the realm of conversational AI. Over the course of an hour, we'llunravel the history of generative, conversational AI, from its earliest iterations to the cutting-edge tools available today, including Chat GPT and Claude 3.0
  • 4. "Visual Revolution"

    Join us for an illuminating episode of "Best AI Podcast" as we delve into the captivating world of AI video production, editing, and video asset generation. Over the course of an hour, we'll embark on a journey through the history of video generation, continue razzin' Google for their big Goof, and dive into the cutting-edge AI tools reshaping the industry today.
  • 3. "Sonic Horizons"

    In this episode of "Best AI Podcast," we're immersing ourselves in the realm of AI audio editing and music generation. Join us for an hour-long exploration as we journey through the evolution of audio generation technology, from Google's big "Goof" to the groundbreaking AI tools available today.#AIVideoProduction #AIEditing #VisualInnovation #TechHistory #AIInnovation #FutureofVideo #PanelDiscussion #ArtificialIntelligence #BestAIPodcast
  • 2. "Exploring the Canvas"

    In this episode of "Best AI Podcast," we're short a full deck, but still diving deep into thefascinating world of AI image generation. Join us for an hour-long exploration as weunravel the evolution of this technology, from its humble beginnings with the printingpress to the cutting-edge AI tools available today.