Berkeley Talks


Climate displacement and remaking the built environment

Ep. 143

In Berkeley Talks episode 143, a panel of UC Berkeley experts discuss climate displacement — what it means to abandon places, the power dynamics between the Global South and the Global North, challenges for both the sending and receiving regions, and what needs to happen to address this fast-growing problem.

Panelists include faculty members from Berkeley's new cluster in climate equity and environmental justice:

  • Maya Carrasquillo, civil and environmental engineering
  • Daniel Aldana Cohen, sociology
  • Zoe Hamstead, city and regional planning
  • Danielle Rivera, landscape architecture and environmental planning
  • Moderated by Karen Chapple, director of Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project and the University of Toronto’s School of Cities

This April 25 event is part of Cal Performances' Illuminations: Place and Displacement series.

Listen to the episode and read a transcript on Berkeley News.

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Photo by Pablo Paredes.

Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


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