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Scholars reflect on new book, 'Atmospheres of Violence'

Ep. 128

A panel of artists, organizers and academics discuss UC Berkeley professor Eric Stanley's 2021 book that interrogates why, in a time when we're told LGBT rights are advancing in the U.S., anti-trans violence continues to rise.

Panelists include:

  • Angela Y. Davis, professor emerita, UC Santa Cruz
  • Dean Spade, professor, Seattle University School of Law
  • Eric A. Stanley, associate professor, UC Berkeley
  • Jules Gill-Peterson, associate professor, Johns Hopkins University
  • LaVelle Ridley, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan
  • Moderated by Courtney Desiree Morris, artist and assistant professor, UC Berkeley

This Nov. 2, 2021 talk was co-sponsored by Berkeley's Othering & Belonging Institute, the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, the Center for Research on Social Change, the Center for Race and Gender and the American Cultures Center.

Listen to the episode and read a transcript on Berkeley News.

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