Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul


High, Noon for Monday November 29th 2021

Season 1, Ep. 346

In today's episode:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announces he is stepping down

Dorsey testified that Twitter could not affect the outcome of elections, but it's hard to find anything outside of actual election interference and fraud that affected 2020 more than Twitter censoring the stories about Hunter Biden's laptop

Miranda Devine recaps the Twitter censorship of the 'laptop from hell' and details one instance of obvious corruption on behalf of the fake president and his son

The new Twitter CEO taking Dorsey's place may be even more deranged in his wokeness and even less likely to support actual freedom of speech

In the midst of a week of huge stories (Maxwell, Smollett, the Very Scary Variant, etc...), the government hitting another spending limit on Friday may be the one that gets pushed aside, and we need to make sure that doesn't happen

Democrats begin to realize that no one believes anything they say

Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci goes on Face the Nation to announce once again that he IS The Science and that criticizing him is an attack on all knowledge

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In today's episode:The Supreme Court strikes down a New York law restricting the bearing of arms, affirming that the Constitution protects Americans' right to carry firearms in publicVoterGA and Garland Favorito file a lawsuit to recount Brad Raffensperger's primary election "win" in all 159 Georgia countiesLee Zeldin was willing to call Trump a racist at CNN's request, but the truth is he'll call you a racist, too, if his political agenda requires itDevin Nunes mainstreams some very important questionsJordan Peterson mainstreams a new study showing that the risk of serious vaccine adverse events outweighs any potential benefits40 Democrats who signed a letter labeling Ukraine's Azov Battalion neo-Nazis a few short years ago voted to send them billions of dollars of weaponsThe comedic actor in Ukraine and his regime, at the behest of the US and global communists, bans the opposition partyCorrupt MIC officials Clapper, Hayden, and McChrystal launch a campaign to force Americans and their representatives to sign a pledge to never contest elections.Connect with Be Reasonable: the show when it's released. Become a paid subscriber at imyourmoderator.substack.comOther ways to support the via coinbase: 3MEh9J5sRvMfkWd4EWczrFr1iP3DBMcKk5Merch site: the podcast info stream: social platforms: Truth Social, Gab, Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, DLive or Gettr - @imyourmoderatorVisit and use promo code REASONABLE to support me, Mike Lindell, and his great American company!