Beneath Our Feet


Episode 1: Tommy

Episode 1:

Tommy secretly follows her mum, Jessi, to a party down in the caves beneath the estate.

Beneath Our Feet is a RESOUND production, funded by Arts Council England.

This episode was directed by Tash Hyman and Fay Lomas, and written by Sam Grabiner. The series was developed through a collective writing process between Zia Ahmed, Subika Anwar-Khan, Sam Grabiner, Ellie Kendrick, Tiwa Lade and Amelia Stubberfield - with Janina Matthewson as lead dramaturg and Ella Watts as consultant producer.

With sound design by Alice Boyd and music by Oliver Vibrans. 

Starring (in order of appearance) Nkhanise Phiri as Tommy, Diveen Henry as Jessi, Jetsun Lama as Finn, Francesca Amewudah-Rivers as Rosa, Bhavini Sheth as Haroona, Ragevan Vasan as Jamal, with Additional voices from Abby Russell

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Introducing Folxlore: Pilot

****Special announcement. We are running a series of online panels as part of our RESOUND Festival in the last week of October. We'd love to see you there! ****Collaborative Creation & Audio Drama with David K Barnes (WOODEN OVERCOATS), Bilal Dardai (UNWELL) and Lauren Shippen (PASSENGER LIST), hosted by Ella Watts. Monday 24th October 7pm Where Audio Meets Theatre with Tonderai Munyevu (MUGABE, MY DAD AND ME), Mac Rogers (GIVE ME AWAY) and Johanna Taylor (SEEDS), hosted by Fay Lomas. Wednesday 26th October 7pm. Sound Design & Audio Drama with David Devereux (THE TOWER), Muna Hussen (THE SILT VERSES) and Farokh Soltani (researcher and lecturer at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama), hosted by Tash Hyman. Thursday 27th October, 7pm. Tickets: £5 general admission (£0 unwaged; £10 pay it forward). Tickets can be bought here: events will take place on Zoom and a link will be sent out prior to the event.  We're delighted to share on our feed a pilot episode from another of our favourite podcasts: Folxlore.Folxlore tells the stories of queer people living literally and figuratively between two worlds.In one sense, we try to live normal lives while the world tells us we are not normal.In another sense, our normal lives are interrupted by a very not-normal rift opening up between our world and another plane of existence filled with nightmarish horrors.This pilot series deals with themes of first romance, hate crime related trauma, and queer parenthood.Folxlore is rooted in everyday Glasgow, where monsters are always on the edge of your periphery.A collaboration between In The Works and Tin Can Audio.You can listen to the other episodes here: