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    This is the Believe Crew Podcast, and the Business Is You! Being an entrepreneur, no matter what stage of the journey, requires personal growth to sustain your success and create the ultimate life of abundance. I'm Jamie White, founder of Believe Crew, and your host. Join me as I interview coaches, entrepreneurs, and authors that inspire us to go where they have gone! Be inspired today to grow and be the best you! Believe Crew 1:1 CoachingBelieve Crew Personal Development Community
  • 1. Start with... Why Personal Development

    Founder of Believe Crew, Jaime White shares why, in her opinion, personal growth and leadership development are crucial to personal and professional
  • 2. What Motivates You to Become a Coach? With Mark King

    Jaime White, with Believe Crew, interviews Mark King with Outward Focus. Mark shares his story of what it took for him to see what could be fun if he believed it could be true when he was considering starting a coaching business. Recognizing how his past shaped his future calling as a coach AND the skills he developed to flip the switch on culture in organizations by addressing the fears and motivations behind the behavior. Listen for the books he recommends, what It was like to start his coaching business 30 years ago and the leap of faith required. Mark King has created a coaching company based on the principle commitment that he believes in people before they believe in themselves and longer than the doubters doubt. 
  • 3. What is it Like Working With a Career Coach? With Sara Reed

    Experienced Career Coach, Sara Reed shares what it’s really like to transition careers. According to Career Coach Sara Reed, with Moonstone Coaching and Consulting, creating a career coaching business takes longer than you think and is worth it. After 8 years in business, Sara still loves to lead her clients through the challenges of navigating changes in positions. Leaning into her prior experience as an HR recruiter and combining that with her interest in phycology, she offers a unique perspective on careers in general. She shares what it was like starting the business, what it is like helping clients today, and what she would consider as cool if it could be true 5 years from now! https://moonstonecoachingandconsulting.comSara on LinkedIn
  • 4. How to Grow Your Dream Business, with Pat Miller

    TedX speaker, Community Builder and Coach; meet Pat Miller, The Idea Coach! Pat Miller hosts The Idea Collective for solopreneurs, where he has created a community that supports others as they grow their businesses! He continually generates new ideas and inspires others with many creative ideas!! He also likes to support other business owners in the Idea Collective community by creating a safe space for solopreneurs to feel like they belong!Find him on LinkedIN, his Idea Collective Facebook Group, Twitter, and The Idea Collective website.
  • 5. Being the BOSS in Business! With Talmar Anderson

    As a small business owner, overcoming doubts and fears is normal and takes grit! Talmar Anderson of BossActions shares what she has experienced as a small business owner, what works for her, and what works for her clients! Overcoming limiting beliefs, working with a coach, and investing in your own personal development is essential as you grow your business. Talmar shares years of experience and in true Talmar fashion, she gives it to us straight up! Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of accepting the truth bombs about what it can be like as an entrepreneur and growing your business! Follow on LinkedIn: GIFT - 5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You are Thinking of Hiring- Guide from Boss Actions
  • 6. What Would it Take to Grow, with Lori Kostenuk

    Lori presents life-changing concepts by merging what we know of the laws of the universe with what we read in the Bible. Awareness of energy had a positive impact on her family over 10 years ago when they were desperately looking for answers to the challenges they were facing. After helping many others, Lori felt called to write a book sharing the details of what worked for her family. In this interview, Lori reminds us how to do the work and how important it is! Lori is the Author of "Laws of the Universe and the Bible"Author Website Link - Author Website Blog Link - Author Page - and Noble link -
  • 7. What is Relationship Coaching, with Lori Frison

    Relationship Coach, Lori Frison joins us on this episode to discuss what it takes to have a successful relationship, transition to a coaching career, and how succeeding in both areas requires going inward!https://www.lorifrison.com
  • 8. How to grow your six and seven-figure business! With Meghann Conter

    Meghann Conter, Founder of The Dames, is on a mission to help women step into their feminine gifts as they lead 6 and 7-figure businesses.  Women-owned businesses that make it over 7 figures are less than 2%, and over 6 figures is less than 15%. The odds are stacked against women entrepreneurs! Business books have been traditionally written by men, for men. The business expectations we’ve heard for years have been established by men, for men. The Dames is different. It’s built by women, for women. It’s okay to be emotional AND in business. It’s okay to be personal AND in business. Meghann is embracing her own unique gifts and talents as she creates a community that empowers women to embrace an abundance mindset. Replacing the traditional business card stabbing style of networking with referral-based POWER PARTNER connections. Recognizing women have been natural connectors for years, she encourages women to collaborate and share stories. The overall message in our conversation is to embrace who you are!The Dames YouTube Channel: Dames: