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Unpacking My Story with Dr. Janet Fienemann

Ep. 59

Welcome back to the Coach’s Corner with Dr. Janet Fienemann! This week the tables are turned, Dr. Janet will be asking me questions so you can learn more about my journey. 


In this episode, you will learn about my personal journey and how Dr. Janet helped me move from rock bottom to thriving. I have not explained my entire journey in detail on this podcast before but I felt compelled to share so that anyone who is listening knows that you can move beyond pain and suffering to living a fulfilling and joyful life, no matter what has occurred. You will learn what events in my life pushed me to hitting rock bottom, how I uncovered trauma from my childhood, and the conversations Dr. Janet and I had early on in my therapy journey. Hopefully, this episode will help you see that no matter what you are suffering through, there is a way out and you will see results when you put in the work. 


Tune in to Episode 59 to learn how I went from living in fear, anger, and depression to being the happy, excited, and grateful woman I am today!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What pushed me to my rock bottom (7:16)
  • To allow your mind and body the time that they need (16:05)
  • How my parents’ divorce affected me (21:54)
  • About my previous toxic relationship (27:00)
  • To not let someone else shame you for seeking therapy (41:00)

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Reflecting on 2021: The Good & The Bad with Dr. Janet Fienemann

Ep. 67
What comes to mind when you look back on the year 2021? With 2022 around the corner, It is a great time to reflect and express gratitude for the good that came from 2021.In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Janet Fienemann for the last episode of Believe It Achieve It in the year 2021. It is crazy to think that it’s been almost two years since the global pandemic began and the impact that it has had on the world. Everyone has felt the effects of the pandemic - whether you contracted COVID-19 yourself, knew someone who passed from the virus, or have had fallouts with those that don’t share your beliefs regarding the vaccine. Throughout this episode, Dr. Janet and I talk about trauma caused by the tumultuous journey of the pandemic, how we can move forward without polarization, and the importance of being grateful for the good.Tune in to Episode 67 and join Dr. Janet and I as we reflect on 2021, the good and the bad!In This Episode, You Will Learn:Dr. Janet and I’s reflection on the trauma caused by COVID-19 (2:51)Our thoughts on the current polarization in society (12:50)Dr. Janet’s advice for moving forward (15:44)How to navigate relationships with those that don’t share your same beliefs (19:09)To show gratitude for the good that came from 2021 (25:17)Connect with Janet:EmailWebsiteFacebookInstagramLet’s Connect!Email: coachnicolewindley@gmail.comLinkedInFacebookFacebook GroupInstagram