Believe It, Achieve It! with Nicole Windley


The Big 50!

Ep. 65

How do you celebrate yourself? Take the time to appreciate where you have been that’s led you to the person you are today and who you want to be moving forward. 

In this episode, I am talking about my upcoming big birthday in the next few weeks where I will be turning 50 years old. When I reflect on my life, I am so grateful to say that I am happier now than I have ever been before. Each new chapter of life is a great reminder that we are supposed to continue to change and grow. If our lives stayed the same every year, how would we not get bored? Throughout this solo episode, you will learn what my plans are for celebrating my birthday, how I am living my top values, and my immense gratitude for my friends who are my family. I hope this episode serves as a reminder that it’s so important to celebrate not just the big events in life, but even the small ones.  

Tune in to Episode 65 to learn how I am heading into year 50 with positivity and gratitude! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About my birthday plans (4:09)
  • My top values (7:27)
  • That family doesn’t always mean blood-related (14:04)
  • To embrace change and growth  (21:02)

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