Believe It, Achieve It! with Nicole Windley


Realigning My Mind, Body, & Soul

Ep. 62

Have you gone through an event or period of time in your life that caused your mindset to become unaligned? 


In this episode, I am talking about the monumental event that happened to me in August which resulted in podcasting delays and unalignment in my mind, body, and soul. This event was a horrific car accident that happened on the way home from a retreat. While my gratitude for my life grew even stronger after coming out of the accident alive, my mental and physical health were tested throughout the days following. Throughout this episode, you will hear the details of the accident, the emotional rollercoaster that I went through afterwards, and what I have learned from that event. Sometimes it’s hard to know why things happen in our lives, but it is up to us to actively learn from these moments. 


Tune in to Episode 62 to learn about my car accident that happened during the month of August and how I have recovered since then! 


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • My life mission statement (3:50)
  • About my horrific car accident in August (4:20)
  • The aftermath of the car accident (18:33)
  • To align your mind, body, and soul (23:04)
  • Prioritize your health and wellness (27:31)

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