Ep. 54

Part II of this very special sit down with The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge continues as we get into more details about cast past and present. Kelly Dodd, we are looking as you! Tamra explains how she thinks the franchise will fair without OG Vicki Gunvalson and herself and gets into more details regarding her departure from the show. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being on a franchise of the Real Housewives for twelve years, what she has learned, what would she do differently, if anything, and the “reality" of housewives versus what you see each week on TV. Tamra discusses what franchise she would most like to join, who her current favorite Housewife is, and what is next for her and Eddie in the world of reality TV as well as for the two of them in life after quarantine. Of course, we HAD to discuss Bravocon and what being a guest at Andy Cohen's Baby Shower was really like. Grab those oranges and enjoy this this Part 2 of this special sit down with the one and only Tamra Judge.




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RALPH PITTMAN (on RHOA Freshman Season, Wife Drew Sidora, Tampa, FL, & Much More!)

Ep. 331
Ralph Pittman Jr. steps BehindThe Rope.Mr. RealHousewives of Atlanta is here to chat about it all.Made in New Jersey, we knew we liked Ralph for a reason, Ralphchats about life off camera, some of which we have yet to see on our TV screens each week on Bravo’s highest rated of the Housewives’ Franchises - football (Go Rutgers University), music (“My Mind Music” Project,“The Preacher’s Son” Movie), and Fitness (‘Ripped With Ralph”,“Drop It With Drew and Ralph”), to name a few.Ralphbreaks down how and where he met Mrs. Drew Sidora, whattheir first date was like, their whirlwind courtship, engagement, andultimate wedding in 2014.Flash forward, and Ralph found himself a Real House Hubby on The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Thirteenth Installment thanks to his wife, Drew Sidora being given her Peach.We chat with Ralph about his Freshman Season on RHOA, what he has learned as a result of it, andwhat advice he gotfrom fellow Peach House Hubbys Mike Hill and Todd Tucker.Ralph open’s up about some oflast season’s highlights -disappearing for three days to Tampa, Florida - will he ever live that down?, the ups and downs of his marriage to Drew, andtheir unselfish decision to introducetheir son Josiah to his biologicalfather who wanted to re-establish a presence in the boy’slife afterhis incarceration. Of course, we needed Ralph’s opinion on the scandal that rocked the A-T-L these past few weeks, theengagement of RHOA’s Porsha William’s to ex-BFF Falynn Guobadia’s ex-husband Simon.With contracts about to go out for Season 14 of RHOA, wechatwith Ralph about what heplans to do different once he and Drewsign on, c'mon as if theyaren’t going to be asked, what he is looking forward to about next season, which wife hedoesn’t want back, who from the RHOA he wouldlike to see back, and just what is next for Ralph Pittman Jr and rest of the Pittman / Sidora clan.@ralphpittmanjr@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by CHOPSAVER - (15% Off - Use Code “Velvet”)Merch Available at -

Carolina Bermudez (Breaks Silence on RHONY Rumors & Chats Interviewing Madonna, Britney, Katy, Mariah, Ariana, Gaga)

Ep. 330
Carolina Bermudez steps Behind The Rope.First things first, Carolina addresses all ofthose many viral rumors that she was contacted by the The Real Housewives of New York City to jointhe RHONYfranchise next Season, Season 14, as an Apple Holder.Of course, in true Rope fashion, you don’t think we let Ms.Bermudez off that easily.We discusswho she knows on the current cast, who she knows from casts past, what type of RealHousewife shewouldbe, who she thinks she wouldbefriend,who she has heard from in the RHONY and BravoVerse since this viralpress, any reservations she would have in joining and last, but certainly not least, whether the fact that she would be the first Latina NYCHousewifewould factor into her decision to join the once top rated franchise.Moving on, did wemention Carolina has had one epic career in the entertainment sector includingstints as a Red Carpet Reporter, Senior Editor at In Touch Weekly, and even a recurring role on "One Life To Live”. The majority of Carolina’s career was spent at Z100 with Elvis Duran and currently at iHeart’s KTU where she hosts the“Carolina with Greg T” Morning Show. Carolina hasinterviewed EVERYONE. We discuss some of her most Iconic Chats - Madonna (one of her most difficult interviews from Dylan’s Candy Bar), Katy Perry (Carolina is the one responsible for“outing”Katy’s 25M Idol Salary), Britney (one of the last tointerview her before her Conservatorship took place), JLO (there are makeup tipsand Carolina shares a Bennifer update), Kelly Clarkson (who sung Carolina’s pregnancyannouncement to the world), Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Adam Levine, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, JustinTimberlake, Usher,Sting and many many more.Caroline discusses the nice, the not so nice, and everything in between from behind the mic of each of these epic chats.Finally, we chat about her home life in Long Island - happily married to the love of her life with whom she just celebrated a 10 year wedding anniversary and two young boys who are too camerashy to take a pic with Sting and well behaved on anintercontinentalflight from Costa Rica. Happily married with two young children.Nowthere is something wehaven’t seen on The Real Housewives of New York City in quite a while. Cansomeone get Andy Cohen on the phoneplease?@therealcarolina@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by CHOPSAVER - (15% Off - Use Code “Velvet”)Merch Available at -

Audrey Landers (on Dallas, "Afton Cooper", A Chorus Line, & Ryan Murphy)

Ep. 329
Audrey Landers steps Behind The Rope. Yes, that Audrey Landers.Afton Cooper from the iconic, mega hit, fourteen year long run TV show, Dallas.After a brief chat about how Audrey ended up in LA to pursue her career in acting, we chat about how she got her role on Dallas.She chats about her early days on the hit TV show, who she felt most and least welcome by, and the challenges of coming into an already mega hit TV show with a cast that was tight.Speaking of a cast that was tight, mostly, Audrey opens up about all of her cast mates including, but not limited to, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, and Charlene Tilton.She also chats about Victoria Principal who notoriously was considered “an outsider” by the others and dissects the truth behind that rumor.Audrey chats about what she loved most, and least, about playing Afton Cooper and which storylines she thinks went too far.We discuss the rich storytelling of Dallas, how it was truly the leader that changed the game in the nighttime soap genre, how it invented the cliffhanger, and how Eighty Three Million People who watched, and asked all summer, “Who Shot J.R?” will never be recreated again.After four short seasons (yes, it wasn’t enough) playing Afton, Audrey left Dallas for a role in the hit movie “A Chorus Line”, where she got to show off her singing and dancing.That’s correct, Audrey has had an illustrious singing career. Flash forward and Audrey returned to Dallas to reprise her role as Afton in the original and then again in 2012 in the reboot of Dallas.We chat about what it’s like to play such an iconic role for so long, getting typecast in Hollywood, how far Hollywood has come, or not come, in offering interesting roles for women over forty, how far they still have to go, and the “me-too” movement and its affect on the industry.Of course, there is also her recent audition for Mr. Ryan Murphy!@audreylandersofficial@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by CHOPSAVER - (15% Off - Use Code “Velvet”)Merch Available at -