Summer House's Luke Gulbranson (Checking In!)

Ep. 220

Luke Gulbranson, from Summer House, steps back Behind The Rope. Checking in from his Michigan Lake House, show shovel in hand, flannel clad, shoveling snow, Luke is here to fill us in on all since we last saw him on our TV screen during the Summer House Season Four Reunion. Well, almost all. Ok we did manage to sneak a few Summer House questions in there such as the what his real intentions were in his “relationship” with Hannah Berner, how Carl is really doing after losing his brother earlier this year, will Kyle and Amanda ever tie the knot and what really has been up with Danielle Olivera. Of course, we wanted to dish all about Summer House Season 5, or as we call it, Quarantine House. We picked Luke's brain about Ciara Miller, the new kid on the block, his “friend” who he brought into Summer House - what can we expect from her as the season progresses on and is she really the total package, Mother Teresa meets Naomi Campbell, as Paige so aptly pointed out. We needed to know how he thinks Ciara is handling herself in this crazy group, better than Jules we hope (yes we just made a Jules Daoud reference). Did everyone catch Luke in the HBO Drama “Flight Attendant” alongside Kaley Cuoco. Ooh, we needed all of our Big Bang Theory questions about Miss Kaley answered as well as Luke’s dream Actor and Actress Co-Stars. We also “went there” asking Luke if he were still single, what is his type and what celebrity / celebrities does he have a crush on? Luke opens up about one of his Bravolebrity BFFS, the one, the only Miss Dolores Catania and yes, this is a friendship we are here for. Do tell Luke! He does!!. We also chat with Luke about the status of his many business: currently making a ring for Summer House co-star Danielle Olivera, his new Men & Woman’s Fragrance Line, his upcoming Maple Syrup Line - no you did not read that wrong - as well as his upcoming Furniture Line. Finally, we chat with how Luke is enjoying splitting his time between Minnesota, New York City and The Hamptons and what we can expect next from the man with many talents. 




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