Sirius XM's Jenny Hutt (on IRL friendships with Bethenny Frankel, Martha Stewart, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand & More)

Ep. 197

Jenny Hutt steps Behind The Rope. Let us start at the beginning. Jenny was born in Roslyn, Long Island to Charles & Bunny Koppelman. A “big wig” in the record industry, her Dad knew them all. By all, we mean he worked with the likes of Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, Vanilla Ice. Jenny grew up going on vacations with Barbara Streisand and “hanging out” with Dolly Parton. Obsessed with Rap Music at a young age, RUN DMC played at her Sweet Sixteen Party and The Beastie Boys were also in attendance. Remember the MTV Show “My Super Sweet 16”? Ok, you get the idea. After college Jenny went to Law School, before accepting a position as her Dad’s executive assistant for his newly found position as Chairman and Right Hand Man to Martha Stewart at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. It was at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that Martha’s daughter Alexis befriended her and decided, hey, we are going to have a radio show together. For the next several years, Jenny and Alexis hosted “Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer” at SiriusXM. That Radio show led to a TV Show on the Hallmark Chanel of the same name where they interviewed a variety of guests such as national treasure Paula Abdul. It was also during this time that Martha and Jenny’s Dad starred on a little known reality show called “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart”. Jenny couldn’t believe her eyes when one of her college friends was a contestant on the show, Miss Bethenny Frankel. Jenny enlightens us with what Bethenny was like in college and how even way back when, she was determined to know and have it all. Jenny has a funny story about Bethenny selling motorcycles in Europe. Yup, always the hustler, even back then. Regarding the radio show, one day Alexis was “over it” and the show ended, leaving Jenny to form her own stellar SiriusXM Radio Show “Just Jenny”. Jenny talks to us about some of her favorite guests such as Kerry Washington, Rob Lowe and, oh yea, she was able to connect with childhood “friend” Dolly Parton for a formal sit down interview. Finally, we discuss her brilliant invention, Bunny Eyez, the flippable, tiltable, wearable reading glasses, discuss whether she would ever take that invention on Shark Tank and of course, discuss once of life’s most important questions, which shark would you chose to invest. An episode not to be missed.





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