RHOP (Winning This Season) & RHOA (How To Fix Past "Off" Season)!

DJ Richie Skye steps Behind The Rope. There is no one more connected in the DMV than Mr. Skye and we could not think of anyone better to help break down all that is going on this season on The Real Housewives of Potomac than Richie Skye. That chat began a few weeks back where we discussed how all our fav ladies are doing this season - Gizelle, Karen, Ashley, Candiace, Robyn, Wendy and newbie Mia. Today we continue that chat and predict what will happen as the season moves on. The convo then turns to RHOA breaking down the “off season” they just had. We discuss what went wrong with our fav Peach Holder’s this past season, reveal who our MVP was, suggest ways to fix the ATL, chat about who should go and predict who will be “let go” out of Kenya, Porsha, Kandi, Drew and Cynthia. Of course we cannot let our Southern gals go without a job and discuss career alternatives for those we feel are on their way out. On the topic of off seasons, we cannot help but think RHONY - Richie knows Bershan IRL - discussing whether this season is as bad, and the situation is as dire as all the public outcry and headlines make it seem. Richie sheds light on what he likes and does not like up here in the Big Apple weighing in on who should go, stay and be brought back from the past - the answers not at all what you would expect. Somehow our sit down about the current RHOP season has led us to RHOA and RHONY but that is what happens when DJ Richie Skye (host of “Reality Talk” on Youtube & “Unfiltered” on Podcast One) stops by. We could have kept talking, but need to leave you with something to look forward to. Until next time, Mr. Skye!!




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Kristen Taekman (on RHONY Past, Present, Future & BFF Brandi Glanville!)

#kristentaekman #RHONY #bethennyfrankel #andycohen #bravotv #luanndelessepsFULL INTERVIEW ON:APPLE: all this talk about an “off season” of RHONY and all the cries to bring back the good ‘ole days, we figured it was the perfect Flashback Friday to share another one of our favs, this chat with Kristen Taekman about the good ole days of RHONY! The Real Housewives of New York City’s Kristen Taekman steps Behind The Rope. Checking in from beautiful Connecticut, Kristen is here to tell it all. First we catch up with Kirsten on the current status of her Fashion Blogging and fashion trends we can all expect in the world as it exists today. Ok, now onto what everyone wants to talk about, RHONY.We discuss Kristen’s thoughts on RHONY before being cast, what her casting process was like and how she feels she was edited for the two seasons she was on the hit Bravo show.Kristen discusses Bethenny and what watching the show without her is like. Speaking of Bethenny, Kristen’s children go to the same school as Bryn and she tells us about several Bethenny, and Jason Hoppy (whaaaat?), sightings during school events. We also discuss her friendship with RHONY Housewives past such as Jill Zarin and Heather Thomson.Kristen also shares her thoughts on current RHONY cast members, her being a huge Leah McSweeney fan, and, having both seen her cabaret, Kristen and David discuss the joy that is Countess and Friends.Also, let us not forget that both Kristen and David were at the Hamptons party last summer that Ramona pushed Gizelle out of the picture at so they recount that fateful day, the before, during and shocking after.Speaking of Ramona. Kristen responds to Ramona’s statements several weeks back about her and former RHONY Cindy Barshop being “nobodies”. Do tell!!!On a larger scale, we discuss the growing presence of alcohol on RHONY and whether it is time for a cast shake up.Let us not forget one of Kristen’s IRL BFFS is Brandi Glanville!! We discuss what Kristen was told first hand from Brandi and how she feels watching it all unfold each week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Talk about an episode not to be missed. This is a must listen!!!@kristentaekman@behindvelvetrope@davidyontef

Jai Rodriguez (on Queer Eye, Early Days of Bravo, Andy Cohen & The Reboot)

Today we share one of our fav chats from our vintage vault - Bravo's very own Jai Rodriguez!!! Enjoy!Jai Rodriguez from the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy steps Behind The Rope.Bonding over quarantine life, Jai and David share how they have been getting though the past few months during their time at home.Of course, the conversation quickly turns to Bravo and what it was like, in 2003, to be the very first reality show to ever exist on this now very famous network. Jai discusses how he was cast on Bravo’s original reality show, why he almost wasn't cast, and what working with Andy Cohen was really like. Once the show aired, Jai explains how life quickly changed as a result of this ratings blockbuster and the opportunities, or lack thereof, that followed when the show had ended.Those opportunities, in part, included a series regular role on MalibuCountry with legends Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin plus parts of epic television shows such asGrey’s Anatomy, Grace & Frankie and The Rookie, to name a few.Jai discusses the challenges of transitioning from reality TV to scripted roles and how he was able to make that transition successfully.Speaking of Queer Eye, no conversation of the ground breaking series would becomplete without a nod to the currentNetflix “reboot”.Just in time for Pride month, David & Jai discuss the cultural significance of The Queer Eye Legacy and what is next for Jai in his career. Tune in now to hear all of this plus Jai’s current relationships with both Bravo and Netflix’s Queer Eye casts.@jairodriguez@behindvelvetrope@davidyontef