Meet Sutton Stracke

Ep. 28

Meet Sutton Stracke, one of RHOBH’s newest residents. Who is she, you ask? Born in Augusta Georgia, Sutton had a typical Southern upbringing, having not left the south until the age of 23. She spent some time in NYC as a ballet dancer and nanny (multitasking) before ultimately settling in the Beverly Hills area. Named one of the top party hosts in the Country, along with Michelle Obama and Oprah (good company), Sutton keeps busy with her “day job’, running a concept store, Sutton, where everything from the art work to the chair you are sitting on is for sale. A friend of Rinna’s, no first name needed, she was introduced to RHOBH producers and the rest is history. From being thrown in to filming without knowing what to expect to Denise Richards and Bravo Bravo Bravo, David & Sutton unravel the ins an outs of the current RHOBH season. Oh and did we mention she is BFFS with Dolce & Gabbana and Jennifer Tilly? Put your diamonds down darlings, pay attention and get to know Miss Sutton Stracke.

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Tan Mom & Adam Barta (on Being Regulars on Howard Stern & Other Fun Topics)

Ep. 273
Howard Stern fans rejoice!!! Tan Mom a.k.a. Patricia Marie Krentcil steps Behind the Rope. Tan Mom and BFF Adam Barta, that is. They are here to discuss it all. Both originally from the NYC area, now Florida residents, Adam and Tan Mom became fast BFFS upon first meeting several years ago through their joint publicist. How Hollywood. Adam Barta has written songs for all of the moms. No really, all of the Moms. Octomom, Teen Mom, Mama June and of course, Tan Mom (Free 2 Be Me). He has also written songs for many of our BFFS such as Margaret Josephs, Lisa Lampanelli and Margaret Cho. Adam explains how he never purported to be the next Miley Cyrus and explains the genius behind his viral music. Adam and David also bond over the reality show pilot they were a part of with Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick, RHONJs Dina Manzo, and Michael Lohan. Tan Mom takes us back to the beginning of when she brought her five year old daughter to a tanning salon. Immediately thereafter she was arrested for child endangerment. She was taken right from the salon to jail. Jail for seven days. She recounts what being in jail was like, and how scary a time that was. She then became an overnight sensation. Tan Mom tells us about her legal battles as a result of this day, the ridicule her children had to face in school, what is was like to have paparazzi hiding in her bushes 24 hours a day, and how caged she felt not be able to walk down the street as a result of this one act. Flash Forward and one day Tan Mom and Adam found themselves booked on The Howard Stern show to tell their story. Let us repeat slowly. The Howard Sten Show!!! They quickly found themselves fan favs and, even more important, a Howard fav. As a result, they became regular fixtures on The Stern Show, having had so many appearances that they lost count. Tan Mom was even in Howard Stern’s book and attended his 60th birthday party. We just cannot breathe. They spare no details, from what Howard’s Green Room is like, what Robin Quiver’s is like, who attended Howard’s Birthday party, and what does it feel like to get be considered part of Stern’s inner circle. On a more serious note, we talk about Tan Mom’s near death experience last year and what major announcement she has a result. Wow, is all we gotta say.@realtanmom@adambarta@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Episode is brought to you by Apostrophe$15 off First Visit)Merch Available at -

RHONJ's Frank Catania Sr., w/ Cameo by Dolores Catania (An Interview)!

Ep. 272
RHONJ’s Frank Catania Sr. (“Big Frank”) steps Behind The Rope. Hot off his Watch What Happens Live appearance with his Bros, Joe Gorga, Evan G., Bill Aydin and The Real Super Joe, Mr. Dolores Catania, as we like to call him, is here to discuss it all.This Real Housewives of New Jersey “House Husband” discusses growing up in NJ, how, where and when he met Dolores, their courtship, marriage, children (shout out to Gabby and Frankie Jr. - former BTVR Guest), ultimate dissolution of their marriage and road to the current “best friends” friendship they now have, as seen throughout the past several seasons on RHONJ.Frank is brutally honest about why their marriage ended, their divorce and how they became almost immediate friends thereafter.Speaking of RHONJ, Frank discusses how Dolores was cast, his own participation in the show and just what does he think of the drama and other cast mates Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider and last, but certainly not least, Jennifer Aydin.We also chat with Frank about his Bromances with the Joeys Gorga and Benigno (The Real SuperJoe), Evan Goldschneider and Bill Aydin.On a personal note, Frank chats about his relationship with Dolores’ boyfriend, Doctor David, as well as with his own girlfriend - who knew?.Finally, we pump, no pun intended (yes he and Frankie Jr. are still weightlifting), Frank Sr. for spoilers from the rest of this already stellar RHONJ season.Tune in for this RHONJ extravaganza with Mr. Dolores Catania with special cameo by the one and only Dolores Catania!!@frank.catania.jr@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Episode is brought to you by Apostrophe ($15 off First Visit)Merch Available at -

Laguna Beach's Christina Schuller (on Laguna Beach, The Hills & Reality TV)

Ep. 271
Christina Schuller (now Sinclair), from Laguna Beach, steps Behind The Rope.One of the OG's of Laguna Beach.Season One!Originally from Laguna Beach, Christina tells us what it was like when MTV came a knockin’ to film one of the first ever Reality Shows.With The Real World being one of the only predecessors to compare it to, Christina sheds light on what filming was like when “no one knew what they were doing”.That “no one” included producers.We discussed the “Game of Thrones” casting process and competition amongst Laguna Beach’s High School Students to be one of chosen eight.We discuss how the original concept was supposed to be a True Life: Day In the Life of a Southern California High School Student versus the juggernaut viral sensation it became.With that viral sensation, came many perks like attending the VMA Awards, Diddy’s after party and all.That viral sensation also includes all of our favorite shows for years to come: The Hills, The City and now, currently, The Hills: New Beginnings (coming back soon!).Christina opens up about what life was like when she was thrust into the public eye overnight and how that changed life forever.She explains her unexpected ties to The Hills / The City star Whitney Port.We didn’t see that coming.We discuss what life was like after the flash bulbs faded and where she took her career after - acting, fitness, full time mom.Of course we discuss some of her Laguna Beach co-stars Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, Lo Bosworth, Talan Torriero, Trey Phillips and Morgan Olsen.Speaking of those co-stars, Christina fills us in on all the details from the Season One full cast reunion that took place last year, the first time the cast has all been together in fourteen years.Tune in now to hear all that Christina has to share about this Granddaddy of reality shows.@christinasinclair@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Episode is brought to you by Apostrophe ($15 off First Visit)Merch Available at -