Mary Amons - The Real Housewives of DC

Ep. 39

Take a break from the Real Housewives of DC Marathon (no really, its airing today on Bravo) to catch up with one of the five RHODC cast members, Mary Amons. Calling from her sprawling family farm in Southern Maryland, Mary takes time out of her busy quarantine to chat with The Rope about her time on the show. After discussing the current political atmosphere in DC, Mary explains that RHODC was originally supposed to be titled, “Inside Washington” and not part of the Housewives Franchise. Mary explains the difficulties in casting a show with wives in the political sector, the added layer of NDAs and confidential information and how the show ultimately morphed into a part of the Housewives franchise. Of course, the conversation turns to the infamous Salahi White House crash and the implications, not only for them, but the entire Real Housewives Of DC cast, franchise and Bravo as a network from this one event. Did you know RHODC production was shut down for several weeks while Congress and The White House launched a thorough investigation into this breach of US security. Luckily the show went on, bringing us 5 amazing women who have earned their place in Housewives history as one of the only Bravo shows ever involved in a nationwide political, for lack of a better word, scandal. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!!




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