Laguna Beach's Alex Murrel (on Laguna Beach, The Hills, RHOC, & Dating Nick Carter) - Part I

Ep. 190

Laguna Beach’s Alex Murrel Johnson, otherwise know as Alex M, Steps Behind The Rope. Yup, Laguna Beach. One of the granddaddy’s of them all, or as we like to say, one of the best reality shows to ever exist. Alex explains what it was like to be a student at Laguna Beach High School when MTV came knocking on its door with the concept for a reality show that followed the lives, and interrelationships, of some of Orange County’s more “interesting” students. We discuss the casting process, the reactions from students who were “left out”, the reaction from the school’s administration and what Alex’s parents thought about their daughter joining the cast. Alex explains what it was like to “film” with very few reality shows, other than shows like The Real World, existing at the time. She also discusses how she felt with her “bit*h” edit once she watched the show back as the season aired. Alex also discusses what it was like to gain instant fame overnight and how life changed once that fame, and money, started to roll in. Of course, we also discuss her Laguna Beach colleagues Lauren Conrad, Jason Wahler, Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari. We discuss what our fav Laguna Beach students were like way back when, and the status of each of these relationships today. Alex discusses what life was like once her time on the show ended and she moved to LA, where she initially spent a lot of time hanging out in the clubs with other friends, including some of our favorite Hill’s cast members, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt. During her time in Los Angeles she also partied with Celebs like Paris Hilton and Aaron Carter. Speaking of Aaron Carter, she briefly dated Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.  Say whaaaat?  Being a fan of Reality TV herself, Alex & David discuss just how much reality TV has changed since the early days of MTV. Finally, we answer the age old question, just how “real” was Laguna Beach / The Hills. Tune in now to our Part I chat with Alex Murrel.




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SUTTON STRACKE - (An Interview on all things RHOBH)

Ep. 299
Sutton Stracke steps Behind The Rope.With the drama already well underway this Season Eleven of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton is here to reflect back on her freshman year and look forward as to what is to come this season of RHOBH.Let us start with the obvious. Congrats Sutton!!! Now a Diamond Holder, in other words a full time cast member for those of you not well versed in your Bravo lingo, Sutton is here to dish it all.First things first, Sutton chats about all she has been up to in between her RHOBH seasons - renting Kyle Richards’ house, running “The Sutton Concept” and continuing her love of fashion, of course.Sutton chats about her brilliantly unique “Sutton Concept”, her fashion choices and styles, Dolce and Gabbana Crowns, her “hate” of leather pants, and why Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne are always thought of RHOBH’s resident fashion icons. Yes, Chrissy Teigen and Karen Huger, we are talking to you following your recent WWHL appearance.Sutton answers all our many questions about cast mates past, Brandi Glanville, Teddi Mellencamp, and, as she says, Denise Fu*king Richards and what it is like to no longer be the new kid on the block.Crystal Kung Minkoff and Kathy Hilton, we are now talking to you.On a more serious level, we chat with Sutton about how she has changed as a person as a result of Housewives, the best things to have come out of the RHOBH experience, the biggest misconceptions about Sutton Stracke, and what are some things we would be surprised to find out about her.Finally, we end with the one question on everyone’s mind, “just how different does it feel to be a Diamond Holder?”Well deserved Sutton. Well deserved!!@suttonstracke@thesuttonconcept@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS EPISODES Available at - to you by NUTRAFOL - ($15 Off 1st Month’s Subscription + Free Shipping on Every Order - Use Code “VELVET”)Brought to you by CREDIT KARMA - (Or the Credit Karma App) - “Apply With Confidence” TodayBrought to you by UNIDRAGON - (10% Off First Purchase - Use Code “VELVETROPES”)MERCH Available at -

I Went to High School with Dorit Kemsley / I Filmed "The Housewife & The Hustler"

Our fearless leader David Yontef went to High School with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dorit Kemsley.Today, he finally breaks his silence to talk about what Miss Kemsley was like in High School.We have all seen the Year Book pictures circulating ‘round the web of the Dorit that existed before the 24/7 Louis Vuitton clad glamour puss we now see every week on our Bravo TV Screens.Pay special attention to the day David was “trapped at sea” with Miss Kemsley!There is no one better to help David recount all the details, facts and looks of a High School Dorit Kemsley than former RHOBH “Friend Of”, $25,000 Sunglasses herself, Dana Wilkey. We welcome her Behind The Rope here today!Dana is a vital part of the epic new special, “The Housewife & The Hustler”, which details the real-life legal drama of Mr. Tom Girardi and Miss Erika Jayne.Dana explains how she got involved with the upcoming special, what filming was like, what she heard Behind The Scenes, what she knows in real life about Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi, and how Bravo feels about the fact that a rival “Network” is diving deep into what they planned to lay out throughout the remainder of the RHOBH season.Finally, we chat about the current RHOBH season, the rumors that by admitting she takes Zoloft on TV Erika waived the doctor-patient privilege, the additions of Kathy Hilton and Crystal Kung Minkoff, the return of Teddi Mellencamp, a Diamond Holding Sutton, and who is the MVP of the RHOBH season thus far.@wilkey_dana@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefFULL EPISODE at:

Bravo's NYC Prep / Gossip Girl (A Deep Dive with UES Native Sydney Sadick)

Ep. 298
NYC Prep. One of the gone, but definitely not forgotten, classic Bravo TV shows.Born and raised on New York City’s Upper East Side, Sydney Sadick’s childhood “was” NYC Prep.She has lived the real life “Gossip Girl”.On that note, she stops by to help us break down the classic Bravo TV Show “NYC Prep” which aired for one season, nine episodes, in the summer of 2009.Being the same age as the cast of “NYC Prep”, Sydney remembers the buzz amongst the uptown private elite school system that a real life Gossip Girl was casting way back when.Sydney chats with us about which of the six "NYC Prep” cast members she grew up with and what she knows about each in real life.Next we discuss just how does a show chronicling the lives of six wealthy uptown teenagers get made when those teenagers are going out at night living their lives as if they are adults. We discuss the highs and lows of the show and the public's outcry once the show was aired.We also discuss the glaring lack of parental supervision shown in “NYC Prep” and Sydney breaks down just how accurate a portrayal of a wealthy uptown teenager’s life the show was.We discuss why the show did not make it and only lasted for one short lived season.Of course, we also pay homage to its West Coast sister, “The Hills” and its Scripted Cousin “Gossip Girl” discussing the similarities and differences and why both of those shows were huge mega hits as opposed to “NYC Prep”.Sydney tells us how both Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick usedto hang out near her private, uniformed, all girls high school on the UES with questions about what really goes on inside the halls of one of New York City’s elite schools.Yes, we answer all questions regarding “where are they now” with many shocking updates you have to hear to believe!Finally, we discuss what Sydney’s own life was like growing up between NYC’s Upper East Side and The Hamptons with a Celeb Doctor for a Dad.If you are wondering where Sydney is now, she is a a National Broadcast Contributor who regularly appears on NBC’s Today, GMA, Good Day New York, E! and Inside Edition, to name a few.She is also a Lifestyle and Fashion Expert whose book “Aim High” is a must read to help style your life and achieve your goals.There is no one more equipped for a deep dive into Bravo’s “NYC Prep” and Gossip Girl than our very own Sydney Sadick.@sydneysadick@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS EPISODES Available at - to you by NOOM - (Sign Up for Your Trial Today)Brought to you by UNIDRAGON - (10% Off First Purchase - Use Code “VELVETROPES”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")MERCH Available at -