Kim D. Breaks Down #RHONJ Finale, Shares Insider Reunion Info , Reveals Plans For Bravocon & Chats WWHL Shout Out!

What a #RHONJ season! We have a finale people and a reunion trailer like no other. No fear, your new fav Miss Kim D. is here to break it all down. F bombs and all, Kim don’t hold back when it comes to how she really feels about Luis referencing his 50,000 square foot love bubble nest he shares with Tre - it is 17,000 square feet to be exact, his private jet and the fact that Tre can apparently quit the show and never work again. Kim shares her recent texts from Dolo, what we can expect from next week’s reunion with house husband walk outs, b*tch boy references, Bill Aydin’s chance to speak, speak, speak, no love loss between The Marge - thank you for The WWHL Shout Out - and Tre and one seemingly epic breakdown from Daddy Cohen himself. All this and we are only getting started. You know you wanna listen!!




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BRAD GORESKI (on Real Housewives, Lisa Rinna, Fashion Police, NeNe Leakes & Husband Gary Janetti)!

Earlier in the week we sat down and chatted with Gary Janetti. Today we re-share this chat with the one and only Brad Goreski. Brad Goreski steps Behind The Rope.Brad Goreski is a Celebrity Stylist who we know and love from some of TV’s finest such as Fashion Police, The Rachel Zoe Project and It’s a Brad Brad World.However, at one time in his life, a skin condition known as Rosacea forced him to shy away from the camera, if you can believe that.Along with Dermatologist, Doctor Shereene Idriss, Brad is here to explain what Rosacea is and what can be done about it.Thank you Brad and Dr. Idriss for bringing awareness to this chronic skin condition, for offering encouragement, and for bringing a face and name to this ever growing issue which can be treated. Of course, while we haveBrad’s attention, we had to discuss his time on Fashion Police, what it was like and would he ever consider a reboot. Of course, we also dive deep into RHOBH, Lisa Rinna and Real Housewives. We also discuss the new E Network Fashion / Beauty show he has in the works with the one and only NeNe Leakes.Brad also dishes on which Awards Show, he has done them all, is his favorite.He explains what the current state of Fashion is and how he thinks it will be forever changed.Finally, we catch up with Brad on all that he and husband Gary Janetti have been up to over the past few months and what else is next up for the power couple. Thanks for stopping by Brad.@bradgoreski@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS & AD FREE EPISODES Available at

Janice Dickinson (on Top Model, Tyra, Kendall, Gigi, Lisa Rinna, RHOBH, The Kardashians & Being The World First Supermodel) - II

Janice Dickinson steps Behind The Rope.Let me repeat that.Janice Dickinson.Icon.Living Legend in the Flesh.The World’s First Supermodel.The Simon Cowell of America’s Next Top Model.Reality TV veteran from before reality TV was reality TV a la Oxygen’s “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”.In true Janice fashion, she - DOES - NOT - HOLD - BACK!Of course, we begin with a chat about Janice’s early career where we talk about her then Supermodel colleagues Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss and last, but certainly not least, Tyra Banks and the many men in her life for a moment, a moment plus, or what could have been a moment, Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Simon Le Bon.Speaking of Tyra Banks, Janice was front and center for the first many cycles of the juggernaut hit “America's Next Top Model” as the most outspoken judge.Notoriously anti-plus size model, Janice has never shied away from controversy or speaking her mind.Janice opens up about how she clashed with Tyra, discusses Tyra’s notoriously bad on set behavior and is kind enough, we asked, ok begged, to reveal secrets from behind the scenes of filming.As often happens here Behind The Rope, all roads lead to Housewives or, in this case, Housewives offspring and Kardashians.Janice shares her opinions on the current modeling industry and models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Delilah Belle Hamlin, Bella Hadid, Amelia Gray Hamlin, Hailey Baldwin and Kaia Gerber - how do they compare to the Icons of yesteryear and have they earned, or instead bought, their way in with money and / or a famous last name.We also address the current “influencer”, for lack of a better word, culture and how anyone with abs and a great pair of t*ts can be insta-famous.While we had Janice, and lucky we are to have been graced by the presence of royalty, we had to ask about her current relationship with Tyra and if she feels differently all these years later.We also pay homage to all, and we mean all, those other Reality TV shows she has been a part of: Botched!, Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and The Surreal Life.@janicedickinson@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS & AD FREE EPISODES Available at TO YOU BY:ALLBIRDS - (Get Running Today with the Tree Flyer or Any Other Allbirds Products)RADIX REMEDIES - (15% off Plus Free Shipping On Orders Over $35. Use Code velvet)TALKSPACE - ($100 Off Your First Month. Use Code VELVET)ADVERTISING INQUIRIES - Please contact