Izzy Wouters (on Below Deck Current Season & her Viral Coming Out!!) - Part II

Ep. 189

Below Deck’s Izzy Wouters steps back Behind The Rope (if you haven’t heard our Part I, feel free to check it out, airdate January 5th, 2021). Current Season Eight Deckhand, Izzy Wouters. Picking up right where we left off, Izzy breaks down many of situations we have seen play out all season on Below Deck and gives us her opinion on whether they were handled correctly or not. Of course, she also gives us her opinion on her other fellow cast mates Elizabeth Frankini, Rachel Hargrove, James Hough, Ashling Lorger, Sunshine Shane (shout out to Sustainability) and last, but certainly not least, Captain Lee. In recent news, if you have not heard, Izzy recently “came out”! After welcoming her to The Family, we chat about what that process was like, answer the question why now, discuss whether the fact that Below Deck is now airing affected her decision regarding timing, chat about whether she confided in anyone from the Below Deck cast during or after filming, the public’s reaction both in the media and in her DMs and who from the BravoVerse she has heard from since the big announcement. Sorry, we are excited. Moving on, Izzy opens up about how she feels the season went, the best and worst parts of working aboard Valor and filming the Below Deck TV show, who she regularly keeps in touch with from past and current cast and what is the first thing she plans to do once the world opens back up. Tune in now as our Part II chat with Izzy Wouters continues and concludes.




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Summer House's Luke Gulbranson (Checking In!)

Ep. 220
Luke Gulbranson, from Summer House, steps back Behind The Rope.Checking in from his Michigan Lake House, show shovel in hand, flannel clad, shoveling snow, Luke is here to fill us in on all since we last saw him on our TV screen during the Summer House Season Four Reunion.Well, almost all.Ok we did manage to sneak a few Summer House questions in there such as the what his real intentions were in his “relationship” with Hannah Berner, how Carl is really doing after losing his brother earlier this year, will Kyle and Amanda ever tie the knot and what really has been up with Danielle Olivera.Of course, we wanted to dish all about Summer House Season 5, or as we call it, Quarantine House.We picked Luke's brain about Ciara Miller, the new kid on the block, his “friend” who he brought into Summer House - what can we expect from her as the season progresses on and is she really the total package, Mother Teresa meets Naomi Campbell, as Paige so aptly pointed out.We needed to know how he thinks Ciara is handling herself in this crazy group, better than Jules we hope (yes we just made a Jules Daoud reference).Did everyone catch Luke in the HBO Drama “Flight Attendant” alongside Kaley Cuoco.Ooh, we needed all of our Big Bang Theory questions about Miss Kaley answered as well as Luke’s dream Actor and Actress Co-Stars.We also “went there” asking Luke if he were still single, what is his type and what celebrity / celebrities does he have a crush on?Luke opens up about one of his Bravolebrity BFFS, the one, the only Miss Dolores Catania and yes, this is a friendship we are here for. Do tell Luke! He does!!. We also chat with Luke about the status of his many business: currently making a ring for Summer House co-star Danielle Olivera, his new Men & Woman’s Fragrance Line, his upcoming Maple Syrup Line - no you did not read that wrong - as well as his upcoming Furniture Line.Finally, we chat with how Luke is enjoying splitting his time between Minnesota, New York City and The Hamptons and what we can expect next from the man with many talents.@lukegulbranson@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by Care Of (Enter Code velvet50)Merch Available at -

Bachelor Nation's Kendall Long (on Current Season, Chris Harrison "Stepping Aside", Rachael Kirkconnell & Matt James)

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Who isn’t watching the current 25th Season of ABC’s The Bachelor, one of the longest running Reality TV Shows in history.Who better than to help us break it all down than someone who has lived it first hand.This is the Behind The Velvet Rope Podcast after all and that is how we do it, first hand all day, every day. Enter Kendall Long, former Bachelor Season 22 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 contestant.First we catch up with Kendall finding out everything she has been up to since looking for love and roses on national TV.Speaking of looking for love on national TV, Kendall chats about former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. who was supposed to be her“Knight In Shining Armor”, what being eliminated right before the Final Rose Ceremony was like, and discuses the likelihood of finding ever lasting love on aReality TV show. Kendall also opens up about ex-boyfriend, fellow Bachelor in Paradise cast mate, Joe Amabile - the good, the bad, the other.Kendall and David chat about their fav Bachelors and Bachelorettes of all time and the epic last season of The Bachelorette - Clare Crawley“blowing it up”, her supposedrumoredcommunication with Dale before the show, their breakup, and recent on line pics of their rumored makeup.Of course, we talk all things current season - how hot Matt James is, the drama that has alreadyoccurredamongst the women, thecringeworthy moments, Queen Victoria in all her glory and who will get that infamous final rose - supposedly Rachael Kirkconnell - and possible marriageproposal, mere weeks from now.On that note, we address Rachael’s past “alleged racial” actions and social media posts, Bachelor Nation’s response to those actions and posts, Chris Harrison’s chat with Rachel Lindsay which caused him to “step aside” from his role as host within Bachelor Nation, whether Chris should have stepped aside, the public’s reaction to Chris’ statement and, now, cancellation, the involvement and responsibility of ABC, whether Chris will and should be back and, if not, who should take over as the new host of Bachelor Nation.Like we said, there is a lot going on these days in Bachelor World and Kendall Long has arrived to help us make sense of it all.@itskendalllong@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at- to you by Care Of (Enter Code velvet50)Merch Available at-

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The Real Housewives of Jersey’s Ashley Cairney steps Behind The Rope.Checking in from her home in the Channel Islands, Ashley is here to chat about it all now that the first season of Jersey has come to an end.We start with a little chat about how she was cast, what filming was like and how accurate, or inaccurate, she finds her edit to be now that the show has aired.Ashley fills us in on Housewives and Reality TV from across the pond and we discuss whether each are as big a deal over there as they are here in the States.On a larger note, we chat about Celebrity Culture in the modern day and age and whether we, as a world, have taken it too far.Being a huge fan of Reality TV before she was cast, we chat about one of her favorite shows, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and some of our favorite diamond holders, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards.Of course, we chat about the drama from Jersey this past season - hey some things are universal when it comes to Housewives no matter where in the world they are filmed.Ashley chats about Channel Island’s reaction to having a Housewives Franchise filmed there as well as the response, on the island, and social media, of viewers all over who have watched the first season.Ashley also opens up about being the youngest on the Jersey cast and, at only 31 years young, one of youngest Housewives of any franchise oversees and here in the states - Jo de la Rosa and Ashley Darby we are looking at you.What an education this has been!@ashleycairneyjsy@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by Mint Mobile to you by Better HELP Available at -