Ep. 108

Gizelle Bryant steps Behind The Rope. The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 alive and well. We discuss it all!!!! Gizelle fills us in on how the season is going for her, her daughters and Pastor Bryant. Gizelle wastes no time in also discussing how she thinks her co-stars are handling this season as well - Robyn Dixon and her potential upcoming nuptials to Juan, Ashley’s motherhood, Wendy, welcome to the DMV. Michael Darby and his role as an honorary housewife. We also discuss her on again, off again friendship with The Grand Dame, Miss Karen Huger, and the status of that friendship today. Speaking of Karen Huger, we analyze the softer side we get to see this season via her marriage with Ray and discuss just why does Karen not like newbie Wendy. No discussion of Karen would be complete without a deep dive into the origin of The Grand Dame moniker, and the answer is not what you would expect, but hey, a shout out from Rihanna ain’t too bad. Of course we chat about the Candiace Monique Drama at the epicenter of this season, how the cast reacted to the physical altercation and how it has led to larger life discussions such as the portrayal of African American women on television. We also talk about why after 5 seasons Potomac is finally getting the respect it deserves. In other Bravo news, Gizelle chats about Dorinda's RHONY exit and what it was like to meet fellow Bravolebries such as Lala, Reza, Gigi and Brandi Redmond at BravoCon. Finally, seeing as David was at that infamous party in The Hamptons where Ramona asked Gizelle to leave the picture, they needed to bond over that and ask the age old question, will Gizelle ever squash her beef with Ramona? Thanks for stopping by Gizelle. Come anytime!




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TODD & JULIE CHRISLEY (on Chrisley Knows Best, Family, The Kardashians, Joining RHOBH & The Future)

Today we share this chat with Julie and Todd Chrisley recorded just a few short months ago. Were there signs? Should we have known? As they say, hindsight is 2020.Todd and Julie Chrisley step Behind The Rope.Todd and Julie reminisce about the epic journey over the past eight years from day one to present that we have all watched play out week after week on Chrisley Knows Best. We chat highs & lows both on and off camera, Chase, Savannah, Grayson, Chloe, Nanny Faye, just who wears the pants in this family, that “other” reality TV fam known as The Kardashians, whether Todd is really as “particular” in real life about everything as he seems on the small screen, and which Real Housewives would Julie and Todd like to join.We discuss all the spin offs - According To Chrisley, Growing Up Chrisley, What’s Cooking with Julie, biggest misconceptions, and just what is next for this family that refuses to slow down any time soon.One thing that is next, is a partnership with Nutrisystem which has helped both Todd and Julie on their journey to weight loss (see the link below for a special offer from Nutrisystem and The Chrisley’s to get started today!)@toddchrisley@juliechrisley@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS & AD FREE EPISODES Available at TO YOU BY:TALKSPACE - ($100 Off Your First Month. Use Code VELVET)DEAR BRIGHTLY - (Use Code VELVET for 15% Off Your First Order)ADVERTISING INQUIRIES - Please contact David@advertising-execs.comMERCH Available at -

BRAD GORESKI (on Real Housewives, Lisa Rinna, Fashion Police, NeNe Leakes & Husband Gary Janetti)!

Earlier in the week we sat down and chatted with Gary Janetti. Today we re-share this chat with the one and only Brad Goreski. Brad Goreski steps Behind The Rope.Brad Goreski is a Celebrity Stylist who we know and love from some of TV’s finest such as Fashion Police, The Rachel Zoe Project and It’s a Brad Brad World.However, at one time in his life, a skin condition known as Rosacea forced him to shy away from the camera, if you can believe that.Along with Dermatologist, Doctor Shereene Idriss, Brad is here to explain what Rosacea is and what can be done about it.Thank you Brad and Dr. Idriss for bringing awareness to this chronic skin condition, for offering encouragement, and for bringing a face and name to this ever growing issue which can be treated. Of course, while we haveBrad’s attention, we had to discuss his time on Fashion Police, what it was like and would he ever consider a reboot. Of course, we also dive deep into RHOBH, Lisa Rinna and Real Housewives. We also discuss the new E Network Fashion / Beauty show he has in the works with the one and only NeNe Leakes.Brad also dishes on which Awards Show, he has done them all, is his favorite.He explains what the current state of Fashion is and how he thinks it will be forever changed.Finally, we catch up with Brad on all that he and husband Gary Janetti have been up to over the past few months and what else is next up for the power couple. Thanks for stopping by Brad.@bradgoreski@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBONUS & AD FREE EPISODES Available at