Ep. 108

Gizelle Bryant steps Behind The Rope. The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 alive and well. We discuss it all!!!! Gizelle fills us in on how the season is going for her, her daughters and Pastor Bryant. Gizelle wastes no time in also discussing how she thinks her co-stars are handling this season as well - Robyn Dixon and her potential upcoming nuptials to Juan, Ashley’s motherhood, Wendy, welcome to the DMV. Michael Darby and his role as an honorary housewife. We also discuss her on again, off again friendship with The Grand Dame, Miss Karen Huger, and the status of that friendship today. Speaking of Karen Huger, we analyze the softer side we get to see this season via her marriage with Ray and discuss just why does Karen not like newbie Wendy. No discussion of Karen would be complete without a deep dive into the origin of The Grand Dame moniker, and the answer is not what you would expect, but hey, a shout out from Rihanna ain’t too bad. Of course we chat about the Candiace Monique Drama at the epicenter of this season, how the cast reacted to the physical altercation and how it has led to larger life discussions such as the portrayal of African American women on television. We also talk about why after 5 seasons Potomac is finally getting the respect it deserves. In other Bravo news, Gizelle chats about Dorinda's RHONY exit and what it was like to meet fellow Bravolebries such as Lala, Reza, Gigi and Brandi Redmond at BravoCon. Finally, seeing as David was at that infamous party in The Hamptons where Ramona asked Gizelle to leave the picture, they needed to bond over that and ask the age old question, will Gizelle ever squash her beef with Ramona? Thanks for stopping by Gizelle. Come anytime!




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Jai Rodriguez (on Queer Eye, Early Days of Bravo, Andy Cohen & The Reboot)

Today we share one of our fav chats from our vintage vault - Bravo's very own Jai Rodriguez!!! Enjoy!Jai Rodriguez from the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy steps Behind The Rope.Bonding over quarantine life, Jai and David share how they have been getting though the past few months during their time at home.Of course, the conversation quickly turns to Bravo and what it was like, in 2003, to be the very first reality show to ever exist on this now very famous network. Jai discusses how he was cast on Bravo’s original reality show, why he almost wasn't cast, and what working with Andy Cohen was really like. Once the show aired, Jai explains how life quickly changed as a result of this ratings blockbuster and the opportunities, or lack thereof, that followed when the show had ended.Those opportunities, in part, included a series regular role on MalibuCountry with legends Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin plus parts of epic television shows such asGrey’s Anatomy, Grace & Frankie and The Rookie, to name a few.Jai discusses the challenges of transitioning from reality TV to scripted roles and how he was able to make that transition successfully.Speaking of Queer Eye, no conversation of the ground breaking series would becomplete without a nod to the currentNetflix “reboot”.Just in time for Pride month, David & Jai discuss the cultural significance of The Queer Eye Legacy and what is next for Jai in his career. Tune in now to hear all of this plus Jai’s current relationships with both Bravo and Netflix’s Queer Eye casts.@jairodriguez@behindvelvetrope@davidyontef

Peter Madrigal (on Vanderpump Rules, LVP, Working at Sur & Cast Changes!)

My, my how quickly things change. Continuing with our plan to highlight certain back chats that stick out, we present to you an unedited version of our chat with Peter Madrigal.Who is watching Vanderpump Rules this season? Thoughts?So interesting to revisit this chat with Peter, now unedited, and see just how much things have changed in one short year.When we originally spoke to Peter - Vanderpump Rules OG Peter Madrigal steps Behind The Rope. Back in a simpler time when everyone had their Bravo contracts in place, a mere week ago, Peter sat down with The Rope to tell it all.What does HE think about it ALL? Peter explains exactly how the show was cast way back when and it is not what was expected.Peter is kind enough to entertain the Rope's desires to talk about all of his cast mates. Who changed the most since the beginning of the show?What does he personally think of Jax's marriage?What did he think of this past season and the newbies?Does he think the future of VR should be broken into two shows? How does he feel to be one of the only OGs to actually still work at Sur? What role does he play in helping cast the show as the real manager of Sur? Whose wedding was his favorite? House?Of course we also address the season finale's breaking of the 4th wall and how it felt like a series finale with everyone going their separate ways.The future of Vanderpump Rules?All these and more questions answered in this no holds bar sit down with the OG himself, Mr. Peter Madrigal.@Peter_madrigal@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at -