Ep. 108

Gizelle Bryant steps Behind The Rope. The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 alive and well. We discuss it all!!!! Gizelle fills us in on how the season is going for her, her daughters and Pastor Bryant. Gizelle wastes no time in also discussing how she thinks her co-stars are handling this season as well - Robyn Dixon and her potential upcoming nuptials to Juan, Ashley’s motherhood, Wendy, welcome to the DMV. Michael Darby and his role as an honorary housewife. We also discuss her on again, off again friendship with The Grand Dame, Miss Karen Huger, and the status of that friendship today. Speaking of Karen Huger, we analyze the softer side we get to see this season via her marriage with Ray and discuss just why does Karen not like newbie Wendy. No discussion of Karen would be complete without a deep dive into the origin of The Grand Dame moniker, and the answer is not what you would expect, but hey, a shout out from Rihanna ain’t too bad. Of course we chat about the Candiace Monique Drama at the epicenter of this season, how the cast reacted to the physical altercation and how it has led to larger life discussions such as the portrayal of African American women on television. We also talk about why after 5 seasons Potomac is finally getting the respect it deserves. In other Bravo news, Gizelle chats about Dorinda's RHONY exit and what it was like to meet fellow Bravolebries such as Lala, Reza, Gigi and Brandi Redmond at BravoCon. Finally, seeing as David was at that infamous party in The Hamptons where Ramona asked Gizelle to leave the picture, they needed to bond over that and ask the age old question, will Gizelle ever squash her beef with Ramona? Thanks for stopping by Gizelle. Come anytime!




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Peggy Tanous - The Real Housewives of Orange County

Ep. 140
The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Peggy Tanous steps Behind The Rope.The original Peggy from the OC. Speaking of Peggys, Peggy Tanous know the other Peggy, Bravo’s 100th Housewife Peggy Sulahian.Is the OC really that small a place? We discuss Peggy’s friends and past Orange Holders Gretchen Rossi, Heather Dubrow, Lydia McLaughlin, Lynn Curtin, Lauri Peterson and Lizzie Rovsek. What a trip down memory lane and yes Peggy knows them all. How fun. Peggy also recounts her friendship with Alexis (“Jesus Jugs”) Bellino before they were on RHOC together, how Alexis and Jim Bellino were involved in her being cast, the issues she had filming with her during their season, how the show changed their friendship and the status of their relationship today.We reminisce on how RHOC has changed throughout the years and how it is no where near the show it was way back in the day.Is that a good or bad thing? Peggy opens up about the best and worst part of being a Real Housewife of Orange County and whether she would go back again. Finally we the discuss the evolution of Vicki (Don, Brooks, Steve) and Tamra (Simon, Eddie), the aftermath of their absence and how the franchise will fair without these two staples going forward.@ocpeggytanous@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available On Patreon - Available at -

This Is Paris (Director Alexandra Dean talks all things Paris) - Part II

Ep. 139
"This is Paris” Director Alexandra Dean steps back Behind The Rope.We continue our conversation right where we left off (Part I of our sit down aired October 13th, 2020) discussing all things Paris.Alexandra lets us know the challenges of making a behind the scenes film while following Paris around the world to mass chaos and mayhem from Paris’ “Little Hiltons”. We discuss whether the psychological abuse and trauma that Paris endured from the Provo Canyon School was originally intended to be a part of the film.Alexandra explains how she got Paris to open up regarding this abuse, an issue which she has never publicly discussed prior to “This is Paris”.Alexandra discusses the involvement of both Kathy and Nicky Hilton Rothschild in the film and the noted absence of Rick Hilton.We also discuss the cameos from Kim Kardashian and Kyle Richards and why both of those women were necessary for this film.Alexandra fills us in on “secret” lost footage scenes that never made the film. On a more serious note, we discuss how this film was probably the best therapy Paris could have received for her childhood trauma and how Alexandra noticed a completely changed Paris by the end of their time working together.Finally, Paris and Alexandra are dedicated to the “Breaking Code Silence” cause which they are both actively involved in today.Tune in as our chat with “This is Paris” director Alexandra Dean concludes.@alexdeandirector@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Available at -

Rachel Bradshaw - (on Reality TV, The Bradshaw Bunch, The Kardashians & Cher)

Ep. 138
Rachel Bradshaw, from the new E show "The Bradshaw Brunch", steps Behind The Rope.Let’s start at the beginning.Rachel talks about what it was like to grow up with an NFL Legend as a father and how boys would react when they found out Terry Bradshaw was her Dad.She also explains the first time she realized her Dad was a public figure and how, although there were many perks that came along with that, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.Being a huge Reality TV fan, Rachel and David dissect some of their favorites - Laguna Beach, The Hills, The Simple Life and last, but certainly not least, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.Speaking of Reality TV, Rachel discusses where the idea for The Bradshaw Bunch came from, the road to the E Network, what filming was like, and what it is like to now watch herself and her family on TV each week.She also discusses how her Dad reacts when viewers actually now want her picture as well as his.We also deep dive into Rachel’s booming music career and her newly released single, “Wild Horse”.Take a listen, it’s good.Of course, there was that one time she ran into Cher, yes Cher, with her famous Dad. Do tell. She does. Thanks for stopping by Rachel.@racheltbradshaw@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Available at