Floribama Shore's Aimee Hall (A Sit Down Chat!)

Ep. 235

Floribama Shore’s Aimee Hall steps Behind The Rope. Season Four. How did we get here? Aimee is here to help us make sense of it all and take us on her journey from small town girl, growing up in a city the population of which was 200 in its entirety, to the stars of one of MTV’s most popular reality shows in history. We chat with Aimee about all of her cast mates discussing the good, the bad, the other - Nilsa, Gus, Kirk, Jeremiah, Candace and Codi. Aimee sheds light on the current season tension between Jeremiah and Gus, answers the ever present “will they” or “won’t they” between Nilsa and Gus, discusses what a now pregnant Nilsa is really like, teases what we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks on Floribama Shore, and explains just how different Season Four will be from the rest. On another note, we couldn’t help but ask Amy about that other amazing, brilliant, equally as fun MTV show, Jersey Shore, discussing the obvious comparisons with Floribama Shore’s Northern Sister, who she has met from that cast and who her favorites are. Speaking of meeting people in the public eye, Aimee discusses her two time VMA’s experience, and some of her favs in attendance, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Of course, Aimee informed us that even though this chat was conducted on a Monday at 9am, she was about to start her Momosas for the day. We would expect nothing less from any self respecting Floribama Shore cast member. Bottoms Up.  




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