Flipping Out's Megan Weaver (on Jeff Lewis, Flipping Out, and all her Housewife / Bravolebrity BFFs)

Ep. 204

Flipping Out’s Megan Weaver steps Behind The Rope. Checking in from her bed, no really Megan is in bed, in The Valley, Megan is here to tell it all. Owning her Valley Girl status, Megan takes us back to the beginning, her first job was working as a Production Assistant for Steven Spielberg. She worked on them all, Jurassic Park, Men in Black, Twister, Schindler’s List and saw them all Antonio Banderas, Tom Hanks, and oh, there was that one time she stayed in Leo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach House. How did Megan get from Spielberg to Megan Weaver Design? One day she met Jeff Lewis in a restaurant bathroom, and soon Megan found herself working for our favorite House Flipper and starring on Bravo’s Hit Show, “Flipping Out”. Megan, being a prior fan of the show, recalls how excited she was during her interview when Zoila and Jenni were there, floating around working at Jeff Lewis Design. We discuss the first time she realized Jeff Lewis’ work style may be a “little different" than Megan was used to. Ok fine, that is an understatement. We talk about some of Megan and Jeff’s Housewife BFFS, Kelly Dodd, Shannon Storms Beador and Teddi Mellencamp. Yes Megan and Jeff did Teddi’s much criticized ALL IN Program. Do tell. She does! Megan discusses the fall out between Jeff and Jenni Pulos, the current status of that relationship, how that affected her own relationship with Jenni and what she predicts for the future of that relationship. Megan also opens up about Jeff’s relationship with Gage Edward, the end of that relationship and Jeff’s new man, Scott Anderson. We also discuss her work on Lala and Randall’s house as well as Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green's house. Speaking of Brian Austin Green (anything for a shameless 90210 reference), Jeff’s current neighbor is Machine Gun Kelly which leads to a very interesting conversation! 




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BLAC CHYNA (on Reality TV, Motherhood, Famous Exes, New Music & Her Fashion Empire!)

Blac Chyna steps Behind The Rope.Before weget into allthe headlines, rumors, and misperceptions, we chat with Blac Chyna, whose name was suggested by a patron during herstripping days, about her early days in LA - being name checked by Drake, modeling, andappearing in a multitude of music videoswitheveryone and anyone including Tyga and Nicki Minaj.Chyna has new music -“Hollywood”,“Doom” - which we chat about as well as her musical influences and who she would love to work with in the music biz.We chat about her booming beauty business - little missentrepreneur - and why she loves being a Boss Babe.Of course, the convo quickly turns to Reality TV - the status of herblockbuster“The Real Blac Chyna” Show season two as well as her manyappearances over the years on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and“Rob & Chyna”. Chyna opens upabout filming a Reality TV show with her now ex-husband, thehome movies she will forever have of Dream, and how she felt when that show“ended”.While we have her, Chyna shares an update where she stands with Rob Kardashian and the rest of the Keeping Up Clan and is kind enough to share herthoughts on recent Kardashian news - the Kim and Kayne Split, Khloé and Tristan Thompson - On Again, Off Again, We Think Currently Off Relationship, the Coupling of Kourt and Travis, Lord Disick and Amelia Gray, Kim’s Legal Career, Whether Food God is the mostbrilliant of them all and so on.Blac Chyna has a new Cooking Showand CBD line which we discuss plus just what is next forthis Powerhouse that just will notslow down.@blacchyna@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Available at - to you by THIRDLOVE - (20% Off First Purchase)Brought to you by O.R.G SKINCARE - (Use Code VELVET for 15% Off Entire Purchase)Brought to you by BOLL & BRANCH - (15% Off First Set of Sheets - Use Code “Velvet”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")

JERRY SPRINGER (On His Iconic Career, "Judge Jerry", DWTS, & Reality TV!)

Ep. 364
Jerry Springer steps Behind The Rope.One of the most Iconic names in daytime TV is here to chat about it all.Although Jerry was set to retire after his unprecedented twenty seven year run as Host of The Jerry Springer Show, NBC had other plans and Judge Jerry was born.Jerry chats about how nice it is to use his law degree and what we can expect in the upcoming third season of the always shocking, never boring, Judge Jerry. Of course, the conversation quickly leads to The Jerry Springer Show and all those trailblazing disputes, wig pulls, accusations, and everything else under the sun that was before its time as it aired each day on our small screens. Jerry recalls highlights, outrageous guests and some of the most shocking moments.We chat with Jerry about current day Reality TV and his role in helping create the landscape of Housewives, Fiancés That Last for 90 Days and Love that Comes After Being Locked Up and / or Happens on an Island.Jerry also opens up about the current offerings of Daytime TV - Ellen, The Drew Barrymore Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Wendy Williams - his favorites, not so favorites and how cancel culture has come to play a role in it all.We pay homage to some of Jerry’s other forays into television - a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, a judge on America’s Got Talent, playing himself on Roseanne and much more.Jerry reflects back on a career most can dream of discussing highs and lows, the biggest misconceptions of himself, and just what is next for the man who everyone just cannot seem to get enough of.Let’s all chant it together. Jerry, Jerry!!@thejerryspringershow@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - Available at - to you by THIRDLOVE - (20% Off First Purchase)Brought to you by O.R.G SKINCARE - (Use Code VELVET for 15% Off Entire Purchase)Brought to you by BOLL & BRANCH - (15% Off First Set of Sheets - Use Code “Velvet”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")

Gia Gunn (on Drag Race, Real Housewives, Caitlyn Jenner, Trans Representation, & Pose)

Ep. 363
Gia Gunn, famed, outspoken Drag Race contestant steps Behind The Rope.Checking in from her home in WeHo, Gia is here to tell it all. We would expect nothing less from one of Drag Race’s most outspoken contestants in the history of the show!Let us start at the beginning.Gia takes us back to the first time she did drag, what that was like, what prompted her to “try” and where her infamous name “Gia Gunn” comes from. Think Project Runway!Gia also opens up about the first time she became aware of her “trans identity” and what that was like to deal with at a young age. Flash forward to Season Six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gia explains how she got involved with the Iconic hit TV show and why Season Six was the right time to participate.Gia discusses what it was like to film the show, the other Queens, the competitions and what it was like to “not be out” at the time.Flash forward to “All Stars Season Four”, Gia was back and ready to take the competition by storm.We discuss the differences this time in “All Stars”, the competition as well as the fact that Gia was an out Transgender Woman, or we should say Woman, participating in Drag Race.Of course, we address the fact that Gia’s participation in this installment of “All Stars“ came mere months after RuPaul’s comment that they would not cast an openly Transgender Contestant on the show.Gia explains how she felt by that statement and whether she thinks that impacted the decision to cast her (whether or not it was “stunt casting”).She also opens up about the rumored filmed but, ultimately, edited altercation with RuPaul on set during “All Stars”over this statement and whether her standing up to RuPaul led, in any way, to her elimination.She also opens up about the fact that the altercation was edited and whether the show is forever slanted to “make Ru look good at all costs”.Gia also chats about the recent change of RuPaul’s famous opening catch phrase to be gender inclusive and the presence of contestant Gottmik, Drag race’s first Trans Male Drag Queen.Gia chats about the whether RuPaul and Drag Race have come far in their Diversity and Inclusion Efforts, shares her thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner - they are not what you would think, and discusses shows like Pose answering the main question as to whether each has been a step forward for the Trans Community.Finally, Gia discusses current projects, the “Gia” brand, and the fact that it is beyond time for The Real Housewives to include a full time Trans Housewife.Yes, Gia is nominating herself.In true Gia Gunn fashion, NOTHING is off limits nor held back.@gia_gunn@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by O.R.G SKINCARE -https://www.orgskincare (Use Code VELVET for 15% Off Entire Purchase)Brought to you by ROTHY’S - (Now For Men Too)Brought to you by NOOM - (Sign Up for Your Trial Today)Merch Available at -