Constantine Maroulis (on RHONY, Lu/Ramona/Tins Update, Idol, Ariana Grande & New Radio Show!) - Part I

Ep. 324

Constantine Maroulis steps Behind The Rope. Of course, we all know Constantine originally from American Idol. First, we reminisce with Constantine about Idol days of past - Randy, Paula, Simon and chat about Idol 2.0, whether singing competition shows like Idol still work, and test Constantine’s knowledge of whether he can name any of Idol's recent winners. Constantine drops a shocking bombshell of a revelation regarding his elimination and the circumstances surrounding his idol exit. As a Tony Nominated Artist for his work on Broadway, we chat with Constantine about the current state of Broadway, what we can expect once the Great White Way re-opens later this year, and his lifelong friendship with ex-Broadway songstress now global superstar Ariana Grande! For anyone who does not remember the last two times Constantine was here, all you need to do is Google “Constantine” and “Behind The Velvet Rope”. Seems our little chat regarding his “appearance” on RHONY, and by “appearance” we mean his “hidden identity” revealed as the man who has allegedly “been”, for lack of a better word, with three of our fav Apple Holders, Lu, Ramona and The Tins, had a viral moment. We chat with Constantine about the “fall out” from that chat, Countess Lu’s reaction, and whether he has heard from Ramona and The Tins as well. Of course we push for new and unrevealed details every step of the way! We also chat with Constantine about the current RHONY cast asking, of course, if he has ever met Leah and Eboni, just what are his thoughts on each and, well, okay, a whole lot more! Moving on from RHONY, Constantine has a new radio show “Cuz Saturday Rocks” where he will be playing hits and interviewing musicians from our favorite decades of music, The 80s and 90s. Having interviewed many 80s and 90s acts ourselves here Behind The Rope, we compare our favs from each decade, yes Madonna is included, as well as Britney, ’N Sync, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, and many more. Finally, we chat about the current state of the music industry, chart topping favs and much more. Tune, no pun intended, in now!





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#kristentaekman #RHONY #bethennyfrankel #andycohen #bravotv #luanndelessepsFULL INTERVIEW ON:APPLE: all this talk about an “off season” of RHONY and all the cries to bring back the good ‘ole days, we figured it was the perfect Flashback Friday to share another one of our favs, this chat with Kristen Taekman about the good ole days of RHONY! The Real Housewives of New York City’s Kristen Taekman steps Behind The Rope. Checking in from beautiful Connecticut, Kristen is here to tell it all. First we catch up with Kirsten on the current status of her Fashion Blogging and fashion trends we can all expect in the world as it exists today. Ok, now onto what everyone wants to talk about, RHONY.We discuss Kristen’s thoughts on RHONY before being cast, what her casting process was like and how she feels she was edited for the two seasons she was on the hit Bravo show.Kristen discusses Bethenny and what watching the show without her is like. Speaking of Bethenny, Kristen’s children go to the same school as Bryn and she tells us about several Bethenny, and Jason Hoppy (whaaaat?), sightings during school events. We also discuss her friendship with RHONY Housewives past such as Jill Zarin and Heather Thomson.Kristen also shares her thoughts on current RHONY cast members, her being a huge Leah McSweeney fan, and, having both seen her cabaret, Kristen and David discuss the joy that is Countess and Friends.Also, let us not forget that both Kristen and David were at the Hamptons party last summer that Ramona pushed Gizelle out of the picture at so they recount that fateful day, the before, during and shocking after.Speaking of Ramona. Kristen responds to Ramona’s statements several weeks back about her and former RHONY Cindy Barshop being “nobodies”. Do tell!!!On a larger scale, we discuss the growing presence of alcohol on RHONY and whether it is time for a cast shake up.Let us not forget one of Kristen’s IRL BFFS is Brandi Glanville!! We discuss what Kristen was told first hand from Brandi and how she feels watching it all unfold each week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Talk about an episode not to be missed. This is a must listen!!!@kristentaekman@behindvelvetrope@davidyontef

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Today we share one of our fav chats from our vintage vault - Bravo's very own Jai Rodriguez!!! Enjoy!Jai Rodriguez from the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy steps Behind The Rope.Bonding over quarantine life, Jai and David share how they have been getting though the past few months during their time at home.Of course, the conversation quickly turns to Bravo and what it was like, in 2003, to be the very first reality show to ever exist on this now very famous network. Jai discusses how he was cast on Bravo’s original reality show, why he almost wasn't cast, and what working with Andy Cohen was really like. Once the show aired, Jai explains how life quickly changed as a result of this ratings blockbuster and the opportunities, or lack thereof, that followed when the show had ended.Those opportunities, in part, included a series regular role on MalibuCountry with legends Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin plus parts of epic television shows such asGrey’s Anatomy, Grace & Frankie and The Rookie, to name a few.Jai discusses the challenges of transitioning from reality TV to scripted roles and how he was able to make that transition successfully.Speaking of Queer Eye, no conversation of the ground breaking series would becomplete without a nod to the currentNetflix “reboot”.Just in time for Pride month, David & Jai discuss the cultural significance of The Queer Eye Legacy and what is next for Jai in his career. Tune in now to hear all of this plus Jai’s current relationships with both Bravo and Netflix’s Queer Eye casts.@jairodriguez@behindvelvetrope@davidyontef