Constantine Maroulis (on RHONY, Lu/Ramona/Tins Update, Idol, Ariana Grande & New Radio Show!) - Part I

Ep. 324

Constantine Maroulis steps Behind The Rope. Of course, we all know Constantine originally from American Idol. First, we reminisce with Constantine about Idol days of past - Randy, Paula, Simon and chat about Idol 2.0, whether singing competition shows like Idol still work, and test Constantine’s knowledge of whether he can name any of Idol's recent winners. Constantine drops a shocking bombshell of a revelation regarding his elimination and the circumstances surrounding his idol exit. As a Tony Nominated Artist for his work on Broadway, we chat with Constantine about the current state of Broadway, what we can expect once the Great White Way re-opens later this year, and his lifelong friendship with ex-Broadway songstress now global superstar Ariana Grande! For anyone who does not remember the last two times Constantine was here, all you need to do is Google “Constantine” and “Behind The Velvet Rope”. Seems our little chat regarding his “appearance” on RHONY, and by “appearance” we mean his “hidden identity” revealed as the man who has allegedly “been”, for lack of a better word, with three of our fav Apple Holders, Lu, Ramona and The Tins, had a viral moment. We chat with Constantine about the “fall out” from that chat, Countess Lu’s reaction, and whether he has heard from Ramona and The Tins as well. Of course we push for new and unrevealed details every step of the way! We also chat with Constantine about the current RHONY cast asking, of course, if he has ever met Leah and Eboni, just what are his thoughts on each and, well, okay, a whole lot more! Moving on from RHONY, Constantine has a new radio show “Cuz Saturday Rocks” where he will be playing hits and interviewing musicians from our favorite decades of music, The 80s and 90s. Having interviewed many 80s and 90s acts ourselves here Behind The Rope, we compare our favs from each decade, yes Madonna is included, as well as Britney, ’N Sync, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, and many more. Finally, we chat about the current state of the music industry, chart topping favs and much more. Tune, no pun intended, in now!





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Tito Jackson (on being a Jackson, Janet, Michael, La Toya, New Music & The Kardashians)

Ep. 334
Tito Jackson steps BehindThe Rope.Music Royalty has arrived, people!Tito starts at the beginning discussing what it was like to grow up the third of ten children in a working classfamily in Gary, Indiana. A working class and musical family.Tito recalls the early days of playing in local talent shows with 4 of his brothers, which were ultimately signed to Motown under themoniker“TheJackson Five”. You may have heard of them. Tito chats aboutJacksonmania at itsheight with mega hits like“ABC”,“I’ll Be There” and“Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”.Of course we chat with Tito about his siblings Michael and Janet and what it was like when they took over the world with Global Domination and Superstardom -“Thriller”,‘Control”“Off The Wall”,“Rhythm Nation”.Tito opens up about the loss of his botherMichael and reacts to the world outcry of sister Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.Titoalso reflects back on his own career - the highs and lows, the misperceptions of the music business, the good and the bad.Tito has three sons who are carrying on the family tradition with their very ownsuccessful band 3T, whosedebut album was a megasuccess.Speaking of music, Tito has new music inthe form of abrilliant blues album“Under Your Spell” and new hit single“Love One Another”.We chat about that, the inspirations for this music, and guestappearance by the one and only Stevie Wonder.Finally, weaddress the biggest misperceptions of Tito and his famous family that the mediahas thrust on themover the past many decades and discuss just what is next for this music legend!! Did someone say full Jackson family tour including Janet?@poppa3t@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")Merch Available at -

RHONY's Bershan Shaw (on RHONY, Her Castmates, Current Season Criticism, Becoming an Apple Holder!)

Ep. 333
RHONY’s Bershan Shaw steps Behind The Rope.Checking in from her home in Harlem, New York, Bershan is here to chat about her freshman season on The Real Housewives of New York City and address it all!Bershan chats about how she got involved with the show, what filming was like, and how she feels now that she is watching herself back on TV with the rest of the world.Bershan breaks down her co-stars Luann de Lesseps, Leah McSweeney, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Eboni K. Williams - who she knew prior to RHONY, first impressions, most welcoming, most surprised by and much more!On a more serious note, we chat with Bershan about being part of a network and franchise that has made a significant effort regarding diversity and inclusion, the extent to which that factored into her decision to join RHONY, and how she thinks Eboni has been handling many of the situations that have arisen both on and off camera surrounding racial inequalities.We chat with Bershan about the many various headlines RHONY has been making recently, the social media outcry about this season, the fact that “fans” think it is “off”, and what she thinks of it all.Finally, Bershan opens up about being a Stage Four Cancer Survivor, the new App she developed, her day job as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, and how her mantra of being a bad a$$ warrior gets her through each day. Grab those Apples and get ready for this RHONY extravaganza with the one and only Miss Bershan Shaw. With all the cast change talk a flutter, might we see Bershan holding an Apple next season?@berhshanshaw@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")Merch Available at -

Nikki Haskell (on Studio 54, Kathy Hilton, Josh Flagg, The Perfect Selfie & More!)

Ep. 332
Nikki Haskell steps Behind The Rope. Living Legend, Icon, Socialite, Talk Show Host, Real Estate Savant, Entrepreneur, Stockbroker, Studio 54 Regular. Checking in from her home in Los Angeles, Nikki chats about her bi-coastal life where she splits her time between LA, where she grew up, and NYC, where she worked as one of the only female stockbrokers on Wall Street at the beginning of her career. Nikki may have been trading by day, but was a permanent fixture at night at the legendary Studio 54.Nikki chats about what those days were like, the Studio 54 myths and rumors versus what the club was really like behind the velvet ropes, and all those famous friends she hung out with inside - Cher, Brooke Shields, Diana Ross, Andy Warhol and the list goes on and on and on.Nikki’s nightlife status led to The Nikki Haskell show which was broadcast live from Studio 54 where Nikki interviewed all the A list celebs inside the famed halls of this Iconic establishment. Nikki also chats about her many inventions providing weight loss options to the rich and famous - think Star Cruncher - and her new Star Shooterz invention providing a new and unique way to take Selfies!Sign us up!We chat with Nikki about the effects her show had on the origins of Reality TV, what Reality TV she watches now and some of the friends she has that have appeared on Reality TV - Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton, Josh Flagg, Sonja Morgan, to name a few. Nikki knows EVERYONE and we mean everyone. We chat about that and her star studded series of Birthday Parties for her 80th earlier this year which read like a whose who of Hollywood elite. Finally, we chat with Nikki about her secret to looking and acting eternally young.One thing is for sure, Nikki is not slowing down anytime soon.@bignikbh@behindvelvetrope@davidyontefBonus Episodes Available at - to you by APPLE LEISURE GROUP - ($75 Off Your Stay at Live Aqua in Cancun or Punta Cana - Enter Promo Code “SAND75”)Brought to you by BETTER HELP - (10% Off First Month - Use Code "velvet rope")Merch Available at -