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Key Lessons on Overcoming Self-Doubt from Goop Executive, Noora Raj Brown

Season 2, Ep. 108

Noora Raj Brown always had a passion for all things creative, but as a child of immigrant parents who were fully immersed in the technology and medical fields, she didn’t know where her creativity would take her. After a wide range of experiences and a very non-linear career path, Noora is now one of the key women behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s booming modern lifestyle brand, Goop, and serves as the company's EVP of Brand.

Goop has grown steadily into a multinational powerhouse that’s valued over $250 million dollars and is a web destination for advice, guides, and features about beauty, style, and wellness. Outside of their website, they have a podcast, a docu-series on Netflix, brick-and-mortar locations, and also reach millions of followers daily on their social platforms. 

In today’s episode, Noora shares valuable advice on jumpstarting your career when you feel lost, dealing with insecurities, and how to avoid burnout. Part of Goop’s mission is to normalize uncomfortable conversations in order to improve people’s lives, and they don’t let any of the backlash they have received over the years deter them. This episode serves as a reminder that just because other people don’t agree with you doesn't mean you shouldn’t follow your passions; you never know what kind of impact you could have and where the journey will take you!

In this episode, we'll talk to Noora about:

* Why Noora recommends focusing less on benchmarks and more on what makes you feel fulfilled. [2:34]

* Noora shares what her upbringing was like. [4:44]

* When Noora realized that a creative career path was possible for her. [7:33]

* A trip back in time to Noora’s first few years working in New York post-graduation. [8:25]

* Valuable lessons that Noora learned while working in PR. [14:40]

* Noora shares what led her to Goop. [16:15]

* The months-long interview process that Noora went through for a job prior to Goop. [18:18]

* Circumstances at Goop when Noora began working there, and the trust that was placed in her to figure things out. [20:30]

* Goop’s approach to bringing uncomfortable conversations into the mainstream and how the company has maintained its ethos as it has grown. [21:57]

* An example which highlights the impact that Goop is having on the greater societal ecosystem. [25:37]

* The biggest challenge that Noora faces at work. [27:26]

* Noora shares what she feels is the most rewarding part of her job. [29:13]

* The role that alternative wellness practices have played in Noora’s life from a young age. [30:44]

* Strategies that Noora has implemented in her life to avoid burnout. [33:31]

* How slowing down changed Noora’s life. [35:22]

* Noora’s favorite wellness products and rituals. [38:26]

* London, Paris, and Provence; why these are Noora’s three favorite cities. [40:49]

* The value of giving generously. [43:30]

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