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How to Believe in Yourself & Go After Your BIG Dreams with Kirin Sinha, Founder of Illumix

Season 2, Ep. 103

Kirin Sinha is the Founder and CEO of Illumix, an AR technology and media platform.

Kirin started Illumix in 2017 with the mission to push boundaries and elevate the quality of augmented reality in the fields of fashion, game design, and film. Today, Illumix powers some of the world’s most popular mobile games and is helping companies and brands bridge the 2D & 3D world so consumers can interact with products & experiences in a more personalized way.

With a degree in electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics from MIT and advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics, and business from the University of Cambridge, LSE, and Stanford, Kirin is one of Silicon Valley's few minority leaders with a technical background. She’s also raised $13 million from top-tier investors like Lightspeed and Maveron ventures.

However, Kirin never envisioned herself as an entrepreneur as her initial aspirations were to become a professor. It wasn’t until she had her first foray into building something from scratch with her nonprofit SHINE for Girls, which empowered middle school girls to learn math, that she realized she wanted to build a business and make an even larger impact.

In this episode, we talk to Kirin about what it takes to rediscover your purpose after a major life pivot, how to work on your self-belief when you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, and why it’s so important to have boundaries when it comes to protecting your energy & going after big dreams in life. We also cover how Kirin’s time management, mindset, and self-care rituals have been a huge part of her success, both personally and professionally, and so much more!

In this episode, we'll talk to Kirin about:

* Kirin’s advice for building confidence by leaning into failure. [2:20]

* How her mother and her grandmother have influenced who she is today. [4:18]

* Hear how Kirin incorporates positive affirmations into her daily life. [6:38]

* Lessons and skills that came from her exposure to both math and dance. [10:27]

* What led her to pursue a career in entrepreneurship after studying math at MIT. [18:44]

* Learn more about Shine for Girls and what it taught Kirin about entrepreneurship and the impact she could have through business. [22:10]

* Insight into the early days of Illumix and the value of building a strong team. [29:40]

* Kirin’s experience of participating in the Disney Accelerator Program. [32:03]

* Practical ways that brands and consumers can incorporate AR into the real world. [33:54]

* Kirin’s approach to fundraising and her advice for woman entrepreneurs: think big! [36:37]

* The kinds of questions Kirin asks herself while she is on her daily walk. [42:23]

* Where Kirin draws inspiration from, from newsletters and podcasts to books. [44:36]

* Self-care rituals (including time management) that help her combat overwhelm. [47:55]

* The benefits of building a strong network of mentors, advisors, and supporters. [53:39]

* Tips for cold emailing and connecting with those who have the expertise you need. [55:33]

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