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The Real Stories Behind Success

Strive To Be A Person Of Service

Season 6, Ep. 244

Helping others doesn't just benefit them; it can also be hugely rewarding for you. Offer assistance to those around you and observe how the universe responds in kindness. Almost like a boomerang when you throw it. It can come back to you.

I never do something looking to get something in return.

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  • 246. Consistency Unleashed: Empowering Your Life with Clark Bartram

    Clark shares his insights on creating a lasting legacy through consistent actions and mindset in this thought-provoking conversation. Discover his secrets to staying motivated, overcoming obstacles, and achieving personal growth.If you're seeking inspiration to unlock your potential and positively impact your life, this interview is a must-listen! Tune in and let Clark's wisdom guide you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.
  • 245. Live A Legacy Life NOW

    Make every moment count! Take a holistic approach to life, relentlessly pursuing excellence in all its forms. Aim for nothing less than an extraordinary legacy that can be looked back on with pride and satisfaction.
  • 243. You Are Not Alone

    Together, we are a global family who has had to face the unimaginable - and while not all of us were able to make it through it, our shared experience is a testament that no one should ever feel like they’re battling alone. In these times and beyond, let’s be each other’s cheerleaders on this journey called life!
  • 242. Reflection Leads To New Ideas

    Reflection is an invaluable practice for discovering new ideas and opportunities. Dr. Sean Stephenson has profoundly contributed to this process, inspiring me with his energy and optimism, which he shares so generously, impacting countless lives worldwide.
  • 241. With Courage and Determination, Face The Day Head-on

    Take the leap of faith and go for it! Don't be afraid to consider various approaches. Ask yourself, "What can I do differently that could lead to a different outcome?" Embrace any new possibilities with enthusiasm and courage - you never know what great surprises await on your journey forward!
  • 240. Go For It Now - No Opportunity Wasted

    In 2017, I had an opportunity to host a mastermind event, 'Destroying Excuses' in Denver, Colorado. Undoubtedly, it will be remembered as one of the best decisions I've ever made!
  • 239. Smashing Perfectionism

    Life will always throw opportunities and difficulties our way, and we must learn and grow from them. I often call them hurdles on a race track. First, they start big, but eventually, they will be just steps. 
  • 238. Your Attitude Will Take You Places

    Run Your Best Race; Life is filled with high and low moments. But, as we progress along our journey, the obstacles that once seemed so intimidating become smaller and more manageable - just tiny steps to overcome on the way toward success!