Be Fulfilled


What Really Happened - Admit Your Mistake

Season 4, Ep. 155

Out for a walk in my neighborhood had an I'm reminded some days that things aren't going to go, right. I had an entire episode teed up for you guys, and it just wasn't there. And so you've got two choices at that moment. Get complained, call my team up, and go, what the heck happened.

Look online for the files rushed around, try to get it done, or admit that I made a mistake. It just happened to be in my devotional this morning, too. Is, uh, the importance of just acknowledging that you made a mistake, not trying to make an excuse, just, Hey, I screwed up, and here's what happened. I'm going like a million miles an hour.

It's December launch in the beef fulfilled recovery journal, launching the new version of the be fulfilled journal, running a masterclass with over 40 different individuals committed in December to destroy their excuses, rerecording content. For drainers and drivers, shooting content for the beef fulfilled masterclass just sold her house, trying to move, trying to prepare for a new reality for the holiday season.

So it's easy for me to say, look at what I'm doing. I'm doing all of these fantastic things, but the reality is, is I need to take care of myself daily. And it's hard to juggle all those things without support. It's hard for you to fill in the blank; whatever is, you're up to make sure you enroll somebody into that possibility.

So when they don't hear from me for a couple of days, or they call you, and they say, Hey, how's that program or that thing you're working on is going. You can be honest with them and say I haven't started. I'm not feeling great. Being an addict, December is a month of reflection of what I was like and what I become by working my program.

You know, I have to get up every day and be grateful for where I'm at, but I have to be reminded that I get to work on my program. I got to get up and, uh, I need to get into action right away. And so this podcast today is all about just admitting where you're at, not making excuses around, making mistakes, put down in your journal piece of paper, carve it into a desk as long as it's yours.

Like your commitment to not being your past, but to start being this present moment and, uh, about it's. Okay. It's okay to fall. It's just not okay to stay there. And I love this quote that I saw this morning. 

I posted nine years ago. 

I believe I believe, and I believe you can tie it to anything—your goal today. To start, start again, but with the intention of not making an excuse, when something doesn't go right, just admit it, share it with a friend and watch how the things around you begin to change. And what you're going to be left with is this, this idea that you're not perfect.

So many of us. Try not to make a mistake because we want to want everything to be perfect. And I'm like; you can complain that there are thorns on roses. Or be grateful, somebody handed you roses, and you won't even realize the thoughts. So I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit of my, uh, my walk and talk with you this morning.

It's more about showing up today and getting into action. That'll lead to better. Tomorrow you'll feel a lot better than you did yesterday. Today. Make today the absolute best day of your life. 

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