Voice Marketing with Emily Binder


Who Has 1400% Higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Instead of typing a paragraph in chat support what if you could just record your screen and narrate with your voice? Intercom lets you do this and I experienced this on Acast's chat support, want to tell you all about it and why it matters for your customer experience. Promo link: get a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for a year of podcast hosting on Acast Open Influencer: beetlemoment.com/acast.

STATS: 1) Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. -Microsoft.

2) 72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service they expect the agent to “know who they are, what they have purchased and have insights into their previous engagements.” -Nextiva

3) A customer experience promoter has a lifetime value to a company that’s 600 to 1,400% that of a detractor. -Bain

4) 40% of Americans believe that businesses have better focused their attention on customer service recently. -Stats via nextiva.

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