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Be Different! Asset-Map's Sonic Branding

I'm inspired today by my friend, Asset-Map CEO Adam Holt's totally unique idea for unique sonic branding and I bet you'll get inspired too. Their Alexa Skill will launch in December and I'll post a clip and link to enable it then! Asset-Map is now one of the fastest growing companies in the financial services industry. Adam Holt's story about founding Asset-Map is pretty neat, involving being a cartoonist to later visualizing over $1 trillion in household assets on basically a treasure map instead of a boring spreadsheet. Shout to WealthVoice customers like Onramp Invest who get it. (See the NEW case study of Onramp Invest's 600% increase in engagement from voice marketing on Alexa with WealthVoice.) Love you guys. Click to leave a review for this show on Apple Podcasts, it helps others find the show!

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